what do all the names mean?

i have only just started watching the bastu games and think they are really funny so iam wanting to check out other vids too.

but i dont understand some things. for example what does gaki no tsukai mean?
is downtown the name of the organistation or show and on that show they have different ‘skits’ such as batsu games etc.?


You would get the most information from these two wiki pages:
[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaki_no_tsukai:1udslccb]Gaki no Tsukai[/url:1udslccb]

But to directly answer your questions…

Gaki no Tsukai, literally means “Kid’s errand”

The full name though is Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende… Wikipedia says “This is no task for Kids” … which aint wrong, but i like to think of it as “This job aint for kids” ;)

Downtown is the name of the comedy duo. Matsumoto and Hamada randomly chose the name.

So virtually anything with the name “Downtown” at the beginning would be Matusomoto’s and Hamada’s work.

thanks for clearing that up it makes more sense now :D