what downtown are doing in dressing room?


Oh my, that was hilarious :clap:

:clap: XD
The earpick part was so touching :D

i want their job!!!

Thanks for the post, nice with subs also.

At the beginning i thought that it was real, but at the end it couldn’t be, or?

Do we really know what they’re doing in there?

I lol’d that was hilarious.

aww video’s gone :( do you have any other website you uploaded it on?

awww man :T

Matsumoto and Hamada scene:

[url=http://www.vidoemo.com/yvideo.php?i=YjRRZjhzcWuRpb2NvRHM&owarai:3u2mnttd]Matsumoto and Hamada[/url:3u2mnttd]

Site sometimes will not load.

[url=http://www.mediafire.com/?4mvmyjndmi0:3u2mnttd]DL Mediafire[/url:3u2mnttd]

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That sly dog, Matsumoto. He totally saw the camera in the beginning. Hamada look terrified.

haha that was hilarious xD

but is there one with subs?

Hehe so funny unfortunately youtube deleted it. 80s video quality :D