What is her name?

What is her name?


Lola aka Rola fka Eri Sato. She doesn’t have a last name professionally. Different people pronounce her name alternatively as Lola, Lora, Rora, Rola depending on how they read the characters. Some people want to punch her, others want to kiss her.


[quote="Ibaraki Dave":3ffpm00i]Some people want to punch her, others want to kiss her.[/quote:3ffpm00i]

Nice summary. :rofl:
Outside Gaki and some music competitions, haven’t seen her enough to get annoyed, so I’m indifferent but I did come across this funny parody once and have to share.


Ozzy knows what he likes. I subscribe to him on YT, but some of his videos don’t interest me. The one about Lola did, because I needed to know that she annoys other people, not only me. There’s a discussion thread about her someplace on this forum. I think everything that needs to be said about her has already been said there.

Oh heh, that’s the only video I’ve seen by him so far but it was hilarious! I need to check out more sometime.

Yeah different strokes, different folks. So you’re definitely not alone. There are some music artists with a unique voice/style I like but I listen in moderation, otherwise I might get annoyed. :rofl:

The Youtube comments are pretty interesting though, he’s in two minds. But of course between the lovers and haters there are the indifferent :lol: They seem like a cool funny guy. :nod:

[b:29ndpidx]Ph33lz 11 months ago[/b:29ndpidx]
I actually find her personality and mannerisms cute and entertaining!

[b:29ndpidx]ozzy78 11 months ago[/b:29ndpidx]
I have to admit she does do adorable really well.

[b:29ndpidx]Valkerion 11 months ago[/b:29ndpidx]
Rola’s tv personality is pretty annoying but lets face it… shes cute, and more surprisingly can actually sing. Like REAL singing not high pitched stuff. I was shocked the first time I heard her singing voice its the exact opposite of her personality.

[b:29ndpidx]ozzy78 11 months ago[/b:29ndpidx]
I haven’t heard her music. I guess I should check it out…

[b:29ndpidx]Ich1GoTgl 11 months ago[/b:29ndpidx]
last time i watched ROLA was during the 2011 New Year Batsu games special.
I found her super annoying, even though she was only laughing :|

[b:29ndpidx]ozzy78 11 months ago[/b:29ndpidx]
hehe. yes for some reason people can’t stand her. Even before they really get to know her. And others really get to know her then they realize they can’t stand her. =)

[b:29ndpidx]Dax Hallman 11 months ago[/b:29ndpidx]
You gotta do the stupid little giggle that Lola does, then the transition will be complete. I have to admit that as annoying as she is, she gets cuter every time I see her on TV.

[b:29ndpidx]ozzy78 11 months ago[/b:29ndpidx]
Very sad but true!! I think I’m falling in love with her!

[b:29ndpidx]Kerenzie 10 months ago[/b:29ndpidx]
Lola annoys me too. D:

[b:29ndpidx]ozzy78 10 months ago[/b:29ndpidx]
scary thing is she is slowly growing on me! NOOOOO!

[b:29ndpidx]debe2366 8 months ago[/b:29ndpidx]
Agree. ROLA is really ANNOYING.

[b:29ndpidx]ozzy78 7 months ago[/b:29ndpidx]
But recently I started liking her a bit…oh no!

[b:29ndpidx]yHui93 3 months ago[/b:29ndpidx]
I think she’s pretty and I don’t hate her but she’s always kinda err… unnatural. No offense. But I have to say man, this is hilarious! You look really like her especially when u try to act cute by, u know… puffing your cheeks… HAHA

[b:29ndpidx]ozzy78 3 months ago[/b:29ndpidx]
Haha, yes she is very…unnatural. She gets paid shit load of money to act that way. =) Yes one of the reasons I made this video was because some of my students were coming up to me and saying I look like the guy version of Rora. =)