what to do?

When u finish downloading the file
what do u do with it?
how do u watch it?

Well the sub file is for the video file which you need to download first.

What about more informations?

For example:

[b:2svxnlwl]You downloaded HOSPITAL BATSU.[/b:2svxnlwl]

You have now some “.rar” files.
These files have to be extracted with “WinRar” (> [url=http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm:2svxnlwl]DL here[/url:2svxnlwl] <)

You have to richt-click on “Part 01” and select “Extracte here”
A few minutes later you should have 2 Video-Files

Now we need the “Subtitle”.
Which is linked in every Batsu-Game Thread.
For our example its here: [url=http://www.gaki-no-tsukai.com/thread.php?threadid=2:2svxnlwl]No-Laughing Hospital Batsu (2007)[/url:2svxnlwl]

Download the Subtitles by choosing the mirror you like the most :P
Now extract it aswell.

You should have “2 Video-Files” AND “2 Subtitle-Files in .srt format”
The best way to watch the Batsu-Game is by rename the files the same.

Downtown_Gaki_no_Tsukai_Hospital_Batsu_Game - DVD1[color=red:2svxnlwl].avi[/color:2svxnlwl]
Downtown_Gaki_no_Tsukai_Hospital_Batsu_Game - DVD1[color=green:2svxnlwl].srt[/color:2svxnlwl]

Use the VLC Media Player to watch it now:

Hope thats what you wanted to know :D

I moves him from the completed subs forum.