Whats your favorite game series?

To start off, mine are the MGS series, Jak and Daxter series, Elder Scroll games, Ratchet and Clank series, Final Fantasy, and some more, i just don’t remember the other atm.

Final Fantasy, Xeno series, God of War, MGS, Street Fighter

My favorite game series is call of duty. I like all part of this game. I am always play this game.

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MGS & Final Fantasy
The Legend of Zelda series is excellent too. Oracle of Age & Oracle of Seasons are legendary.

Also MGS and FF, though I haven’t been able to play the newer games.
I really enjoyed the Onimusha series and I got a soft spot for Tenchu…
Call of Duty, along with Rainbow Six are also fun series.

ooooooooooooooo, my fav is Call of Duty! especialy Multiplayer and Wolfenstein! yeah

I like too much! :D

My favorite game series is EA sports game. It has all sports games. I like all sports game.

Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Castlevania, mainly this ones!

Fire Emblem 4-5 , Resident Evil, Mega Man, SaGa Series

My favorite game series is COD. I am big fan of all COD games. Now a day i am playing Call OF Duty Black Ops game on PC. It is amazing game.

most of these are japanese and i’m not surprised but yea, FF and RE ftw

Final fantasy, Xeno, Metal Gear, Gears of wars, RE (I played the console, handheld, & arcade, except Tiger handheld ver.), Megaman X, Zelda (not fan of nes version), God of war and my favorite Touhou.

My favorite games are :-
1 Call of duty world at war
2 World of warcraft
3 super Mario
4 Taken Three

My favorite game series is EA Sports. I like Burnout Paradise City game in PC.

I cant believe no one has said the Kingdom Hearts series!?!?!? Hahah

Well mine would be Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear Solid

Nowadays I am playing most popular game the "call of duty world at war" such a great game for entertaining.


Surprised no one here likes the classic, in my opinion funniest game series ever -

The Monkey Island Series - specially Curse of Monkey Island
Grim Fandango
Mass Effect Series
Assassins Creed

Battlefield series.
Call of Duty series.
Medal of Honor series.