Where is Chiaki?

Gaki no Tsukai Episode 857, Aired on 2007.06.03.

Endo receives a call notifying that his wife Chiaki has gone missing!.. Endo and the rest of Gaki regulars search for Chiaki, on there way to finding her… they come across some guest and clues that may help Endo find Chiaki.

Video Link: [url:5y87u7e1]http://tv.rayrac.co.jp/watch?v=14998982[/url:5y87u7e1]

hahahah i really love the documentary style interviews on this episode.

what also really amazes me is that they all just improvise (more or less) the whole episode !! that’s talent … of course they laugh but thats what makes it even more funny!

rofl… Natsume Nana… an AV actress… and they’re “on location” at the toilet

Thanks!! I remember watching this but I didnt get to finish it.

Here’s the episode in Pandora.


^^ I still love this episode! I want to see more of these types of episodes…that would be great…don’t you think!! =D
Oowada Shinya is really funny in this one ^^ Haha…he act’s so seriously to help Endo find Chiaki ^^ his pronunciation is hilarious “Chiak-KUNNNN!!”^^

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Haha Nana Natsume on a Gaki no Tsukai episode, now that’s different!