Who is Showfukutei Show-hei and

As the subject says it… who is Showfukutei Show-hei and Konyaga Yamada???

they are comedians

Konya ga Yamada ( - literally “Tonight Is Yamada!”; Real name: David Hossein) - He is the former manager of Thane Camus. He played a role as a ringside doctor in Dynamite Shikoku’s wrestling matches (Dynamite being a character played by EndM). During the “No Laughing” batsu games, he says his name over and over in different variations (sometimes singing it) while the cast try to sleep. (“Kon’ya ga yama da” means “Tonight is crucial” in Japanese, but Yamada intentionally mispronounces, breaks up, or makes strange mutations of the phrase, such as “Hon’ya ga yama da”, translated as “The Bookstore is crucial”, etc).

ShMhei ShMfukutei (ShMfukutei ShMhei) - A rakugo artist. He is also known for the (ShMhei-Hey!) phrase said in the police batsu game.