Why am I IP banned?

I’ve been IP banned from this forum somehow. Currently browsing this with a VPN, is there something wrong with the site? Anyone else experienced this before?

There hasn’t been an IP ban since the beginning of September. Try restarting your cable modem, it might’ve assigned you the same ip as someone else who was banned from a while ago who happens to use the same ISP as you.

Where are you from and how does your IP begin?

Well, ban is gone today somehow. I’m in Indonesia and my ip starts with 125.168

There are some which start with 125. but none which goes on with 168. You must have bad luck to get one of those banned IPs but I guess I could remove all banned IPs for once or make the list a bit more compact.

Do you use iPhone or iPad to browse the site? perhaps try to clear the caches of the web browser you use, like most use Chrome: https://www.fonedog.com/iphone-cleaner/clear-cache-chrome-on-ipad.html