Yamasaki 5 Question

There is a video on Veoh called Yamasaki 5. About 34 minutes in there is a clip that is Yamasaki playing the piano while scared. This looks like something straight out of a Batsu game. Anyone know what this is from?

Wasn’t sure where to put this so I found General Discussion to be the best bet. Thanks for your help and I love the amount of work you guys have put into this forum. Thank you so much to the people who make this a possibility.

Link was here before, but not anymore~~~

EDIT: I forgot to explain haha… Before this they had a trial about Yamazaki. I forget what it was about, but I think they came to a conclusion that he was too much of a wuss… So for his punishment he has to stay overnight at a school and perform 3 concert pieces. A similar setup like Matsumoto’s Haunted Hotel batsu.

EDIT 2: haha no need for the link now. Thanks for the back-up.

thread for it here [url=http://www.gaki-no-tsukai.com/thread.php?threadid=228:jfmoz1xz]Yamasaki - Piano Recital in Haunted School[/url:jfmoz1xz]

but the Veoh isn’t working anymore