Yamasaki + Cocorico Skydiving Batsu (1997.10.19)

Yamasaki is forced to do a "Shaved Head Skydiving" batsu after failing a challenge in a previous episode. Whilst skydiving the crew attempt to shave his head in midair, then finish him off on the ground. Cocorico are also forced into doing a skydive (Endo because he did poorly on a Shichi Henge I think. Tanaka seemingly did well on his challenge but gets roped in anyway it seems whilst supporting the others). Afterwards he has to go around sporting his new haircut and present an apology to members of the audience he dissapointed during his challenge I think. There was a series of episodes surrounding this batsu (the setup with a drunk Yamasaki posing the challenge, the challenge itself, results discussion and a follow-up) which you can find below in the Hide tag if interested.


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Source: http://channel.pandora.tv/channel/video … d=33032012
Alternate Sources:
Youku Part 1 - http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzE0MDIyMjY0.html
Youku Part 2 - http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzE0MDIxMTI4.html
Another Pandora Link - http://channel.pandora.tv/channel/video … d=44023518

[hide:3erjk736][size=200:3erjk736][color=#400080:3erjk736]1997.09.14 - The "YamaZaki Show" Challenge[/color:3erjk736][/size:3erjk736]
Downtown candid camera-style film Yamasaki having drinks with Cocorico. I guess this is where he sets things up for himself. Then whilst sober he gets cold feet but has to go through with it.


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[size=200:3erjk736][color=#400080:3erjk736]1997.09.21 - The Challenge Results[/color:3erjk736][/size:3erjk736]

They discuss some kind of rating comparison (I think Yamasaki had to beat 20%), which as he failed they give him the shaved head skydiving batsu. Cocorico appear and after 10 minutes in is a surprise from Tanaka. :o



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[size=200:3erjk736][color=#400080:3erjk736]1997.12.07 - Yamasaki's "Happy Hosei" Play[/color:3erjk736][/size:3erjk736]
After his poor audience reception in the earlier challenge Yamasaki seemingly tries to rectify this by producing a traditional Japanese play where he, Downtown & Cocorico are the actors but he apparently gets the best lines. Still sporting his skydiving haircut. Not sure if this is the full episode since it cuts off.


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I love this! Thank you so much. :D