Yamasaki vs. Moriman (1998.06.07)

Gaki no Tsukai (1998.06.07)
3rd Yamasaki vs. Moriman


New Download Link :)
Raw (unsubed version ) but still fun to watch how Yamasaki gets beaten by Moriman :rofl:
Enjoy :)



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New Download Link.

hey there,

i came home from work so i´m way to lazy to upload this right know but here is a YouTube-link
i hope u´ll enjoy


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New Download Link
RAW Version.


Download :


Is this the one of the various clips shown in the Hamada’s Unthinkable Trial Special? Where Hamada pulls Yamasaki from his hair to stand up before the countdown goes to 10? Or the one where Hamada pulls out Yamasaki to trow him in the arena violently?