Yamasaki vs. Moriman (2008.12.28)

A series of comedic fighting bouts between Yamasaki and Holstein Morio of the female comedian duo Moriman. The main running gag is that Yamasaki has never won a match since 1996.

Yamasaki VS Moriman 2008

Gaki no Tsukai Episode 935, Aired on 2008, December the 28th.
The Gaki regulars view all the "Yamasaki VS Moriman 2008 Final!
" and "Do Not Laugh At the Newspaper Company" commercials.

Just finished the Gaki No Tsukai DVD Vol. 14 (Available at D-Addicts.com) with the Yamasaki vs Moriman Battles on two DVDs! It was just awesome and hilarious! Underestimated one for sure! :D


isnt there a sub for this

[b:2f3wukwl]haha good[/b:2f3wukwl]


This is one of the earlier matches between them. It might be the first one they did in a live ring, from what I could understand.

few yamasaki vs moriman battles on dailymotion




Thanks ^_^

One of the best shows ever :^) :geek:

does anyone know the name of the song that Yamasaki comes down to? Not the Ichiban one the other one. lol