Yamazaki Samurai

Hey guys,

I remember watching a Downtown episode one time wherein Yamazaki was role playing as a samurai and was trying to get to 100 kills or something like that. However, each time he would try he’d always get tired with like 40 or 30 left and then fall down in exhaustion. After this he eventually ran away off the set, because he couldn’t do it.

My problem is I do not remember the title of the episode and have been looking through this forum and other sites for that episode and have been unsuccessful. So if anyone knows the title of the episode or if possible this was something he did on his own and not with Downtown, please let me know and thank you.

Also all my heart and prayers go out to those effected by the recent natural disasters in Japan. A very, very sobering and difficult time for the whole world.

It would also help to post this thread on the proper section as was already informed more than once in the sections’ description.