2010 FIFA World Cup

Starting next friday, the World Cup might be one of the most amazing sport events ever, kinda like the Indy 500, the Summer\Winter Olympics, or maybe Roland Garros or US Open.

(there’s no yellow in the font colors =/ )

[color=orange:209pjeu9]South Africa[/color:209pjeu9]

[color=red:209pjeu9]South Korea[/color:209pjeu9]

[color=orangered:209pjeu9]United States[/color:209pjeu9]



New Zealand

[color=orange:209pjeu9]Ivory Coast[/color:209pjeu9]
[color=red:209pjeu9]North Korea[/color:209pjeu9]


Comments here. please be nice to others, and good luck to all!

Go USA! Go Brazil!

depending on how far Germany will make it, my beer consumption will be high

Lol. Don’t let that stop you. Just think of every team as Germany. Should make for an fun world cup experience.

My favorites are Brazil and Japan. I also hope that USA, S.Korea, Paraguay and Chile qualify for the 2nd stage.

People use to say that brazilians have some kind of rule that says “always go against Argentina\France”, but here at this forum I’ll respect French and Argentinian Gaki fans.

Go Chile!!.. im sure were gonna rock the worldcup!!

and im sure that "Chupete"Suazo is gonna be ok at Jun 16 xD

Lol. Oh god DonPepe, Ive seen that face so many times when I go over my grandma’s house. (She’s Cuban and has Telemundo on all the time.)

he’s Don Ramon (ramon valdez) a very well known actor from the mexican tv Show “El Chavo del 8” its just a hispanic all time comedy classic.

I always wanted to collect soccer jerseys from around the world. Team Chile’s red jersey is one of my targets, it’s really nice!

At this one mall I go to, there’s a specialty shop that sells a whole bunch of football jerseys.

the problem with the brazilian public in general is that they like the club jerseys more than the national teams ones. You see a lot of jerseys like Barcelona, Intenazionale, Manchester Utd, but seeing national jerseys outside World Cup time is rare.

Mexico’s is another jersey that i think is cool, but i didn’t like their sleeves. It’s something between long and short.

i like brazilian soccer league, its very competitive, flamengo gave a nice fight to my team (Universidad de chile <3) on Copa libertadores

i want to collect african jerseys, the one from Cote d’ Ivore its amazing!!

oh, an Universidad de Chile fan!!

thank you man! Flamengo knocked out my team from Libertadores (Corinthians-Brazil) :unsure:

back to World Cup topic, where do you want to watch the games? family, pub, at work…?


in my family cirlce (male) were all soccermaniacs!!

I’ll be cheering for Denmark, Japan and Argentina.
And if they should happen to play against other (which Japan and Denmark will for sure) I’ll be cheering for Japan :D

[quote:is54ux4d][i:is54ux4d]Originally posted by Outlaws0023[/i:is54ux4d]
I’ll be cheering for Denmark, Japan and Argentina.
And if they should happen to play against other (which Japan and Denmark will for sure) I’ll be cheering for Japan :D[/quote:is54ux4d]

hey, you think like me! when Brazil and Japan play each other, I always support Japan

In 2006 I was sad a little bit, it was Brazil 4-1 Japan


I hope Algeria will make some good matches, they’re our neighbours…

Brazil all the way baby !

I’ve been saying for a long time that Spain will win. I know I should want England to win it but I’m sick of getting my hopes up before every competition.

Strangest thing is a few days ago EA Sports released news that using the latest World Cup video game they ran a full World Cup simulation in which Spain won outright and England, in classic tradition, fell by penalties.

should’nt this have been posted in the video game section?

oh wait, fifa world cup is a real event? that’s what i get for being from America.