about posting

Yussak justifies his/her actions on the basis of his/her preconceptions.

Whether or not to publish the decryption key on reddit is up to me, and I don’t think others can do it themselves.
If I was going to publish the decryption key to reddit users, I would have already done so.

I will stop posting videos as he/she suggested.

Maybe making the Video section of the forum require higher access privileges could work as a better layer of protection to prevent the keys/links from leaking.
This would involve quite a lot of work and would take away time from the admins to set it up and to manage future invites.
But then again, once a leaker has access, it’s nearly impossible to link the leaks to the username.
For instance, we wouldn’t be able to know which GnT forum account Yussak is using in order to ban him because the decription key is not unique/identifiable.

Ernie, what would you think if someone took your videos and uploaded them on a different hoster/video streaming platform?
Would you be against that?

I allow anyone to publish to other video sites if it’s not my RAW itself.
Because they are not original quality with degradation of video quality.

I thought that maybe stating it under each post, near the link, could prevent some of the decryption key leaks.
Those who are willing to take responsibility could re-upload them where they prefer before sharing them outside this forum.
Something along the lines of:

“Do not share the original link provided in this post with anyone.
If you wish to share this video outside this forum, please upload the video on a different video hosting service.”

If you want to be less traceable, you could add:

“Do not share the original link provided in this post with anyone.
If you wish to share this video outside this forum, please upload the video on a different video hosting service.
Do not mention the origin of the video file in the new upload, including the name and web address of this forum and the name of the original poster.”

This would do very little, but stating your stance on re-uploads could prevent at least some of the leaks.

It would be incredibly unfortunate but I am completely aware that you are under immense risk for doing what you have done for us all these years and I am extremely grateful for that. It’s not really in my place to give any advice nor do I know how difficult it might be to implement but I wonder if it’s possible to make it such that your links are only visible to members who have been one for a period of time? I believe artins90’s idea of putting disclaimers is also a sound one.

I’m just a user, not a forum administrator, so I can’t do anything special.

Ernie, my friend. You have been single-handedly keeping the japanese comedy world outside Japan alive for many decades now. I will never even dare to tell you what to do with the material that you record and host. Reddit is a really toxic place, not properly moderated. And the admins on this site are long gone. Sad to see that the 2 sites that use your uploads (this and reddit), don’t provide you the proper tools/privileges for you to feel comfortable to keep posting your videos.

Sad, my friend. I just want to say thank you for all this decades that you provided me with entertainment for me and my family. You helped me on my darkest hours, as I was fighting depression. I will always be thankful for all that.

Thank you Arlekin-san :bow: :bow: :bow:

Thank you so much for all of your diligent work and time. It is amazing how much effort you put into giving strangers laughter. I understand the difficult position this Reddit user has put you in.

Using somebody else’s links is extremely bad manners no matter the topic. He wasn’t even providing subtitles, or preserving the content, instead just dispersing somebody else’s password. Worse than a mere leech (like myself who can’t contribute anything), he chose to actively disrupt and harm the thing he claims to like. And contrary to what he says, it is not “public”. You have to register to download the keys. As if what ErnieYoungさん does for all of us here wasn’t thankless enough, there’s people like this that show up now and again showing no appreciation or respect. This is a very small community. VERY small. That is the only reason this place has been able to exist for so long. We don’t need ungrateful outsiders to come in and disrupt our beloved, quaint corner of the internet.

It is no exaggeration to say that I have only able been able to learn as much Japanese as I have, thanks to your contributions and tireless effort and consistency ErnieYoungさん. Not to mention the hours of laughter and fun that you have brought me every day, for the past several years and counting. Since I began watching raw Japanese content, there seriously has not been a SINGLE day where I haven’t watched some of the content you have made available to us. I will always be grateful for that.

I actually don’t even know where else there is in the internet to find these things. It really is invaluable. So it’s very frustrating to have it disrespected by somebody who can’t even appreciate or make proper use of a raw episode. But, if ANYBODY deserves to stop when they want to stop, it’s you. Heartbroken if this is the end, but always grateful.

Thank you sporbotheglorbo-san :bow: :bow: :bow:

I’d like to see it continue again. reddit will let the mods erase the decryption key and we can leave it to them.

Dear ErnieYoung san,
I’m just writing to thank you for everything that you have done, I can’t thank you enough for the countless hours of entertainment you have provided for me. You have opened my eyes to the japanese people and it’s culture and I’m extremley greatful for that my friend.

My best wishes to you for now and for the future. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Thank you 7samurai-san :bow: :bow: :bow:

Sad, it really is all this because of a moment of anger that just shows that we need to be rational and think very hard about what comes out of our mouths or what we type. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you ErnieYoung-san as always. And, I hope someone will be able to fill your shoes someday. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

this is so sad, i am so sad…, Ernie San 今まで本当に本当にありがとうございました! :bow:

Its sad to see you not uploading again ernie san :frowning: but thank you so much for all the high quality videos you have uploaded all this time.

Sorry to hear it. Sad that we can’t enjoy your videos anymore, sad that again something simple and enjoyable is not possible because some people attitudes, and sad to hear once again that someone can be punished just for shearing these can of videos…
But Ernie, cheer up! You will find a way soon to shear your stuff, I think something that you enjoy doing it, maybe not here, maybe not now but sometime.
Thanks for all your time and work. I am, as a lot of us here, very grateful to you :bow: :bow: :bow:

Thanks for all your work Ernie-san! It’s been great having access to all these Japanese comedy shows even after I’ve moved out of the country. Too bad a few bad apples ruined a good thing we had going on.

Thank you so, so much Earnie-san. I really can’t understand that kind of troll’s mind… :frowning: :frowning: