Stay safe, my friends. I’m watching and worrying for you.

Yes, i heard it on the news :(

not fair, never is

[quote="Erhan":2n7wzb8j]Yes, i heard it on the news :([/quote:2n7wzb8j]

Make another post quick! 444 is a bad number!

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Please be safe people of Japan. :|

japan in my prayers to the universe

Good luck Japan and Gaki guys ;(

I hope that no gaki member is hurt :sweat: :sweat:
I would soo sad about it !

damn that sucks, I heard it’s also goin to affect the entire pacific ocean and as far as chille,

be safe Japanese folk

taken from google[quote:w8hlbtds]Tsunami Alert for New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and others. Waves expected over the next few hours, caused by 8.9 earthquake in Japan.[/quote:w8hlbtds]

8.9? please be safe

Fuck. My good-side families live in Japan and Philippines.


[quote="iniquiti":do2whzmz]Fuck. My good-side families live in Japan and Philippines.

:([/quote:do2whzmz] let's pray for their safety and for all

Google page :

TBS on USTream



From what i have read from j-celebrity blogs and australian news… tokyo is safe but the miyagi and chiba area… :sweat: hopefully the good folks in the gaki crew are safe somewhere in tokyo right now…

What about ShibataBread, folks ? Any news from him ?

OMG!!! I Really Hope my Girlfriend & her family are okay!!! I’m so worried now! please be okay Honey!! ;(

Well, I have Endou on twitter and he said he’s safe, and wishing for the safety of others…

I have a friend living in the Chiba area too that said although they’re in the warning area everything’s genki so far so keep the good vibes and prayers (if you do that) going folks!

Prayers and condolences goes out to everyone affected by the massive quake and tsunami in Japan.

omg this is soo sad… Omg… and i think its not over.

best of luck japan…