Favorite Gaki Member(s)

I’ll start with a new topic.

Who is/are your favorite in the Gaki crew (and why)?

Mine is Hamada because I [i:fms6djs3]love [/i:fms6djs3]sadistic people, Matsumoto because he’s so damn random, but my most favorite is Tanaka~

Actually everyone is my favorite even the other cast members like Heipo, Jimmy Onishi :D:smiley: and Itao. Everyone suits soo good together :)

Itao trying to get a laugh with a serious face is a riot! xD I love it.

in Order :


Tanaka :D Followed by Endo

Matsumoto’s Brother!(Takahiro??)
Jimmy Onishi!
Shoji Mura…ka…mi!?

I’m not such a big fan of tanaka… :(

I LOVE Matsumoto’s laugh. Second favourite is Hamada when he laughs :D

Matsumoto is the best for me. I like his laugh. He laughs over everything. Then i like Hamada. He such a sadist. Its fun to watch him.

I’m a sucker for Matsumoto’s and Hamada’s laugh as well :D It’s so… contagious!

I really like Tanaka at the Newspaper Agency. He was one of the primary targets and I think the fact that he’s just awkward, tall, easy to bully, can act, and has a subtle humor is what makes him a unique member :]

Actually, I think each member has their own unique traits and personality. It’s what I truly love about Gaki no Tsukai :slight_smile:

I like them all… i love when Matsumotos and Endos smile :D Dont know why though XP

me 2 about tanaka in the new paper one with deluex lol and how he always fall when he get scard.

Mh… Am i the only one who likes the simple/single comedy-laugh-a-lot-of-stupid-things of Yamazaki the most???

I also like the creative/intelligent word games of Matsumoto’s comedy style…

The foolish style of Tanaka is very funny too

Endo’s impressions are sooo great…

And last but not least… Hamada’s lips are very very funny… Just watching his face and the way that everyone else humiliates him makes me laugh…

I also like the other comedians (Jimmy, Shohei, Itao, etc…)

I think that the Sichi henge episodes are the best because we see the best of each comedian…

See ya!! And thanks for the thread!!!

I would have to say my list goes like this

Jimmy Onishi
Suga & Nakamura
The Tenso guys (Gaki vs. Tenso)
All the rest

For me:

Hamada: i like when he enjoys the pain of the rest of the cast
Itao: Blackjack
Matsumoto: he laughs at everything
Jimmy: ten ten ten ten ten

Matsumoto: Laughs at everything and his voice gets quite high when he’s scared. Lol bear claw, why not
Tanaka: Why does he always fall down? :D
Hamada: Sadist and he definitely had a chimp face in 24 hr Tag
Endo: I can still remember his [i:2iu7xf3u]attempt[/i:2iu7xf3u] to not laugh during the High School Jimmy skit
Yamasaki: Has a silly face

Not much a fan of Heipo: Everything he does seems overly exaggerated

In order

  1. Matsumoto - he’s got good observational humor. his face is funny too.
  2. Hamada - I like his laugh and his short fuse.
  3. Tanaka - he has subtle humor and he always speak his mind.
  4. Endo - He is good at improv and imitations.
  5. Yamazaki - he is silly. him alone isn’t that funny but he is a blast when mixed with the gaki boys.

previous or non gaki members.
6. Itao - trying to get a laugh with a serious face.
7 KMji Imada and KMji Higashi - loved them at Gottsu Ee Kanji, and Afterschool club as well.
8. Jimmy Onishi - he has a jackass-style of making people laugh.
9. Fujiwara- watch him squeeze his breast!
10. Heipo - I love the sound he makes whenever he is hit or hurt by another member.

If I had to rate mine it would be:

Tanaka (I only like him the most because I’m infatuated with him :()

Sorry, I don’t really like Yamasaki D:

For me, it depends on the situation.

Scared: Tanaka & Heipo(though Endo might be on par with Tanaka)
Sadistic: Hamada
Tricking others: Yamazaki, Matsumoto, Hamada
Low laughing tolerance: Endou & Matsumoto
Guaranteed lulz: Jimmy, Suga
Crossdresser: Fujiwara
Epic fail: Heipo
Honorable mention: Itao

The entire crew is just like Friends, they all have their own specialty, but the mix is what makes them great :D

Fujiwara i want to see him play a batsu game.

  1. Matsumoto - The Genius
  2. Yamasaki - The Lame
  3. Hamada - The Sadistic
  4. Tanaka - The Awkward
  5. Endo - The Backup