Hamada's real feelings to Matsumoto

Hamada has a drink with Ken Shimura and talks about Matsumoto.
Enjoy it :D
Here is another video.
"What if Hamada died tomorrow?"
I know this should be posted in Gaki Talk forum, but it can be a relative one, so let me post it here.
I also know he’s just making a joke in the free talk, but I think he said it half as a joke and half serious.

Great, gonna watch it in a second, thanks!

Once again Ockg, you’ve done incredible work. Thanks!!

thank you for subbing this. good job.

Thanks, everyone!

Damn that was fast! You’re an animal Ockg.

[quote:39sqou6c][i:39sqou6c]Originally posted by SpikeBender[/i:39sqou6c]
Damn that was fast! You’re an animal Ockg.[/quote:39sqou6c]

Yeah lol
I’m mad with them :inlove:

You do great work Ockg, you should be proud. Its nice to see these videos that really look at Matsumoto and Hamada, their relationship, their pasts, etc.

Thanks, SpikeBender. You can expect other videos I’ll upload.

Looking forward to them!

Thanks so much, ockg814! I really enjoyed your subbing on non-GnT videos.

I just love the definite no-hesitation they both have in response about each other.

You should put the second video in your starting post. A little bit faster to see for people that you have multiple video’s uploaded:).

matsumoto’s word amazed me…
never though he would said that…

Well done ockg, you’re amazing :inlove:

Thank you ockg814, great work.

Nicely done, ockg814! :clap:

I esp liked the second one… Matsumoto… :lol:

ockg814 "What if Hamada died tomorrow" has been my favorite video since I watched it the first time thanks to you, thank you very much! :bow:

But the youtube link is lost now :(… could you please upload a download link or re-upload a link to watch it? I’ve been looking for it like crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Vid is/was removed … any mirrors??

i want too, please :!:

anyone can repost??