High School Batsu

So I know everybody has been waiting for this for a while. But here is what I have done so far.
If you’re still following my thread on tehparadox, you will already know the good news! I got this subtitling project approved by my Japanese Professor as a final project for this semester, so now I can put it at the same priority as my school work!

Here is the current sub. Still needs some work on the styling, and fine tuning the timing. But I included lots of info on the context of the humour as well as background info for the cameo’s and some random little trivia that adds to the Japanese of it. So far there is only about 30 minutes left to sub–and sadly those 30 minutes have been all that have needed to be subbed since June-Julyish. I’ve tried to make it a far better sub than what is available for these online or streaming. But trying to cram so much information into it has proved a little tricky as far as timing goes. To get the commentary, and dialouge and all the little goodness, sometimes the pause button comes in handy!

Completed: [url=http://gaki-no-tsukai.com/thread.php?threadid=1176:1wpjlnux]High School Complete subs[/url:1wpjlnux]

great subs u have there,but would u plz fix Hamada’s and Matsumoto’s colored subs cuz they hurt my eyes >_ <

Thank you!

Nice Improvement of the old Mori-SUBs…

thanks for doin this :)

amazing job! I cannot wait until it is finished. I have watched most of this un subbed but have yet to see the full thing because I have been waiting for subs.

I would have to agree with some of the colors hurting my eyes. I have to strain on my tv (non flat screen) to see some of the text. I would suggest making all the fonts a little larger and possibly adding more outline around colored text to give more definition to it.

*Watching it on an older tv from across the room is a little bit different then on a computer monitor 2 foot in front of your face.

Nice Subs! like Homelessbrian cant wait until you finish it :). Thx for doing some updates like this because you make us feel that we still have the hope to watch it full subbed… some day xD!.

Congratz for your efforts and keep doing please! :)

if u want …use my color codes that am currently using in my hospital batsu ,believe me they’re the best and soooooooooooooo readable :)

p.s oh these codes are for Aegisub

Hamada {\3c&HC93700&}
Matsumoto {\3c&H0000AD&}
Yamazaki {\3c&H026A00&}
Endo {\3c&H00718E&}
Tanaka {\3c&H900074&}

Thank you!

And congratulation to your deal with the professor :D

oh, i thought this is a complete sub. but it the subs ended halfway through…

it will rock if this can be done soon :)

subs are amazing cant wait for the final product
really enjoyed all the extra info and context explanation

thank you for the subs! does anyone know which video file does this go with? thanks!

edit: sorry… didnt thought it would be for the one on the batsu page : /

Great subs!

Can’t wait for the final realese

Much better than the old subs, and this one also includes the two missing segments that wasn’t incorporated in the original. Amazing work, can’t wait for the completition of it.

Awesome subs!!! One of the best and most informative subs i’ve ever enjoyed:D

nice subs but yeah the colours and font are poor choice. I think the Newspaper batsu game (credit to whoever subbed it) had the most aesthetically pleasing subs I have seen for a batsu game (or subs in general I suppose that incorporate multi colour coding for different people)

Well done though thanks for the effort :)


THANKS Suteki<3 We love you very very much :)

The sub is well done… hurry up and get us those damn last 30mns :D

please tell us you will get it done by the end of the week :stuck_out_tongue:

thx for all your work / shibata and others ^^

Thanks for your effort! :) I hope you will do it well :)

keep up the good work bro. but please keep us posted