How did you discover Gaki No Tsukai

Im guessing many of you are like me and in the US or not living in Japan. Was wondering how you found out about the show and what was the first thing you watched with them.

I started finding movies on youtube and later discovered veoh, stage6, and dailymotion (not really into torrents). I started watching movies on veoh because of the limitless length of videos. I would search all vids but sort from longest to shortest to find movies. One day though, a thumbnail of a vid caught my eye with a bunch of Japanese writing all over the thumbnail. Saw it was 3 hours and wondered what it was so I checked it out and it was the Police Batsu. Didnt get it at first and I think I might have skipped a little ahead after the start of the game and then re started the vid when I understood what was going on. After that I was hooked.

Found more games around looking for “batsu game,” didnt even know it was a show called Gaki No Tsukai until about when the subbed high school game started appearing on youtube (forgot who did it, evilkoala? or something like that) and it got so much better. From there I found out about the whole show, knew about silent library before the sub vids showed up but it didnt hook me like the batsu games.

I also never told anyone about them, kind of like keeping them a secret or not knowing if others would think its weird. Then after about 2 years of keeping it a secret i was with a friend and started talking about foreign TV and mentioned the batsu games. He never heard of it so i showed him high school batsu subbed. The guy laughed so hard he made himself gag and almost threw up. I never seen anyone laugh so hard, I was afraid he started choking on something, it sounded that bad. I showed a couple more friends and they like it, didnt get the same reaction from others but its cool introducing something to friends they had no idea about.

So guess thats my story. Just joined hope to find a lot here.

I dont reeally think i have a story because I dont really remember for sure how i found out XD it was either the high school or spa batsu games.

Well i watched a bunch of japanese game shows on youtube and ended up looking up the Silent Library thing cause I thought that was the only show they did. But then I ended up finding all of the batsu games and everything.

Afew years ago, I was YT searching something…and came across some wacky Japanese TV clips. From what I can remember, it had something to do with a Ski lodge, and people were in the sauna or summat, and the walls and seats came apart from the little shack. I remember one time a guy sitting on the loo (toilet) being driven off from the shack and the people were shocked it was happening, and the guy looked all normal going off from the shack.

I don’t remember what the show was, but the related links had other funny stuff. Yadda, yadda, yadda…I think my first Gaki No Tusuki was either High School English lesson, or one of the Library games.

Years ago a friend of mine showed me No laughing library and I eventually found the high school one and watched that too. I remember finding the Police Station one maybe three or four years ago, when it came out, unsubbed but it was still very funny. I just recently found this forum so when I saw that people were actually subtitling them, I got excited and decided to download them all, or at least the ones that are completed.

Well, me and my boyfriend at the time were randomly looking up Japanese Game Shows. Then we came across 24 Hour Tag and it just went on from there.

My starter drug was Jimmy Oonishis english lesson. –> Highschool Batsu –> other Batsus –> GnT …

Like most, I had stumbled upon it through youtube but I only saw short clips

ie: silent library, english lesson, etc.

then recently I saw the Matsumoto Haunted hotel episode on, which is where I found out that the episodes were much longer. I decided to download the haunted hotel episode and through some searching, I came across this site! I am still in progress of searching for good subs so if anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be awesome! Thanks!

I discovered GNT when i was looking for japanese commercials on YouTube. Strangly enough i found the Jimmy english lesson from the highschool batsu game and i loved it. I did keep having the feeling i had seen it once before…like a dejavu moment, as if i had seen it years ago too :blink:

aaanyways from jimmy´s lesson i started to look them up and found the other batsu games ,downtown manzai talks and the other stuff they came up with. It doesn´t matter how many times i have seen an episode cause it cracks me up everytime haha…much to the displeasure of my dad -_-; he thinks its weird i burst out laughing when i’m watching and doesn’t understand the Batsu Humor , mwwehh.

oops thread

[quote:yz7zymvd][i:yz7zymvd]Originally posted by alfred_49[/i:yz7zymvd]
My starter drug was Jimmy Oonishis english lesson. –> Highschool Batsu –> other Batsus –> GnT …[/quote:yz7zymvd]

Most people I know knew Gaki from the Onishi video too :slight_smile:

The first thing that I saw was when Matsumoto mooned Hamada and then farted.

Then 24 hr Tag. I LOVED THAT ONE. Lastly, I found all of the Batsu games that was available on Youtube. Then Downloaded some from a torrent site, THEN I FOUND YOU GUYS! :)

Hahahaha… I remeber watching some Japanese pranks on YT and i ended watching the “Chinko machine” series and the “Jimmy Onishi English Class” from the HS Btasu Game… After that my lage has changed and i becam a Gaki-adicct!!.. :lol:

my cousin told me to watch all of these funny Japanese “game shows” on youtube, I came across the Jimmy Onishi high school one and silent library, I was so interested I wanted to find out who these guys were, and now I watch non-stop :D has infected me.

It’s hard to say exactly when…
I know I was youtubing random stuff. I think I came across some stuff like the Matrix Pingpong clip and that lead to Human tetris…
Then I just decided to look up Japanese Game/Variety Shows.
The first of Gaki that I was exposed to was Silent Library.
Found out about the group and bam… hooked.

Like many foreign Gaki fans, through the “English Lesson”.

silent library with bob sapp
that was one hell of an episode

A few years ago I was just randomly searching for funny shows on Youtube and I came across japanese pranks. Could not stop laughing and I continued my search and came across these guys. I think it was either silent library or a short clip of the hot spring inn and noticed it was the same guys. From there I was hooked and could not get enough. :drool: These days its hard to find anything funny where you can’t breath laughing so much. :lol: I hope these guys keep the show going for a long time or else I won’t have anything to laugh at. :unsure:

Gaki No Tsukai :inlove:

I was searching on youtube with my 2 best friends and then we found the Chinko Machine, and we embarked on a voyage of the Lulz. i then did the research and found out it was gaki no tsukai, while my friend then took over and found out the names, then my other friend found out the highschool batsu game video. Then it was over from there, i’m definitely the one who’s the most into it.