IMPORTANT: about my video links

I will remove all my video links at the end of this year.
Please save them individually if you need them.

EDIT: Removed all my video links.

Thanks for the heads up Ernie! Will you still be posting stuff or is this due to storage reasons?

It’s because I don’t have the energy to fight people who deny my methods.

I see, it’s unfortunate to see you leave but I respect your decision. Thank you for all the work you have done and thank you for leaving them up until the end of the year!


Thank you for having given us so much over the years, Ernie.

thanks ernieyoung! i really appreciate what you have done to the small community and making the rips public to reach out to more people. i hope you still rip and share the shows somewhere. private trackers stay private and require membership to exactly avoid this kind of thing. see you when i see you! v

Hello Ernie,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing all the subbers to share so much laughter for all these years. I discovered this treasure trove only about two years ago and it pulled me through a whole lot.

Whenever I saw someone going against your methods I tried to warn them not to do it, sorry that it wasn’t enough.

I’m surprised and also saddened not to see more reaction on this post considered how you were the most important pillar of this community.

You will be greatly missed but I only wish you well.

Thanks again and see you around.

Ernie OUTO :slight_smile:

Haribal (lordnashyx on Reddit)

This is very sad, but thank you so much Ernie. I hope you know how much laughter you’ve brought to people. Maybe you can stick around anyway just to keep in touch.

Thanks also to whoever coded and maintains this website.

Resurrected from hibernation and the other topic was already locked.

I want to thank you, Ernie, for providing us with plenty of shows besides of Gaki all these 10 years, without your help it would’ve been tougher for us to know more Japanese variety shows.
While your decission might be permanent, I will hope you’ll come back in the future as I and plenty of other people appreciate your hard work on archving/sharing several shows & even accepting requests for other shows.

At least it seems like that troll user got some new haters both here and the Gaki subreddit from what I saw. :slight_smile:


its not going to be the same without you Ernie, you’ve done so much for this community and you litterary kept this forum alive for many years. Thank you

Sooooo you’re going to remove them all new years eve? we have exactly untill then to save them?

I think you do not understand the situation properly, saying things like “getting arrested”.

Using one click hosters is one of the safest ways to share data, compared to torrenting which exposes your IP.

I know you are thinking of all these manga sharers that end up getting caught by the police, but they use antiquiated torrenting software like Share.

The worst that happens when use mega, is your account getting terminated.

Educate yourself a little on the matter and then decide again.

I would like to remove all my video links immediately, is that okay?

go f yourself idoit!!!

It’s okay, my friend. You can do now if you want. It’s painful to deal with this ungrateful retards on a daily basis. No need to read all this people anymore, brother. It’s time for you to rest and be happy. Just want to say thank you for everything, everything. :bow: :bow: :bow:

Thank you Arlekin-san :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

2022.11.25: Removed all my video links.

I’m very sad because I really like this place and your work =(
For me, being from Brazil, this was the best place to be able to watch the Down Town programs that I love so much.
But, thank you so much for all the leisure time you’ve given me so far.
今までありがとうございました。お疲れ様でした!! :clap:

Man, you really did not speak at all like you had love or respect for ErnieYoung or what he has done for us for all of these years. You don’t have any right to speak or act or feel as if you are angry or annoyed at ErnieYoung deciding to quit, which is exactly how your message reads, as if you have some kind of contempt for his decision. Maybe it was not what you intended, which I want to believe since you are a relatively old member, but because of your post, no doubt some precious irreplaceable content has been lost. I know it has been lost to me, for the time being at least, if not forever, as I don’t want to participate in the subtitling of content (which is what the only existing backup of the content is being made accessible for. )


I rarely post on this forum, but an admin should take notice of this imbecile. He’s moaning about free stuff. Seems like an idiot threshold is needed on here.

Thank you for everything, Ernie- san! My Gaki collection is owed to your hardwork. I’m grateful.