It's official, I'm moving to Japan in Feb

Yup, heading over to the land of the rising sun to stalk the gaki cast. Hopefully by next year I’ll be able to help with some translations.

wow how i envy you… are you going there for work? studies? or really just to stalk the gaki cast? :P
good luck to you! :) :)

work, doing the ol’ teaching english route, it’s the easiest for someone who hasn’t mastered the language yet, when I do I’ll have more options.

That’s so cool! My relatives live there and they’ve been insisting on asking me to live with them but it’s freakishly expensive for me book a simple flight for no more than 2 weeks.

My friend actually went with the same route as you (teaching English) but in Korea.

you should so just go! I mean what’s a plane ticket fare when you don’t have to pay for accomodations?

Congratulations Kyon. I wish you much luck :)

[quote:3aak6eb3][i:3aak6eb3]Originally posted by Kyon[/i:3aak6eb3]
you should so just go! I mean what’s a plane ticket fare when you don’t have to pay for accomodations?[/quote:3aak6eb3]

That’s true ;D I may just do that next year!

[quote:1l9tzs0r][i:1l9tzs0r]Originally posted by Erhan[/i:1l9tzs0r]
Congratulations Kyon. I wish you much luck :)[/quote:1l9tzs0r]

Thanks erhan, and also you kawaii_endo for the good luck wishes. If I ever run into endo I’ll get a second autograph for you kawaii :)… for a price that is :P

Was thinking of keeping a photo or video blog, I don’t know though, aren’t people sick of those things already?

Will you stalk Tanaka for me?

Are you going to move to Tokyo or another area?

tokyo area, I would stalk tanaka, but I don’t want to get mixed up in his shady business dealings (from the stalking tanaka episode of gaki) Besides there are other ways to meet them, perhaps a talent agent will take note of a 6’1 asian and make me a star :P or I can be proactive and come up with a character, is there room for another hardo gay in japan?

Looks like there’s going to be some competitions :P

just to clear it up: I meant hard gay the character :P he’s in the highschool batsu and infrequently shows up on other japanese tv shows. Look him up, his antics are pretty funny.


oh my god, it’s razor ramon, fuuuuu!

say, say, say, do you print these posts out and put them in your pants in order to read them?

Of course I knew that, I have watched the batsu games half a dozen times already :P

I was just waiting for HardoGay to pop up and… and there he is!! xD

Congratz Kyon and good luck. I hope you have a great stay in Tokyo.

Gratz Kyon, you lucky nub :D

Enjoy your journey !

iniquiti: I figured you would know who hardo gay is, it wasn’t directed at you, it’s just that after reviewing my post i figured it was a little ambiguious and needed a little clarification :P

sprike+kanzaki: Thanks! planning on it :P but who knows. Anyone took spychology in college? I’m starting to experience the approach/avoidance conflict. It just states that when you’re far away from a goal you only look at the ‘pros’ but as you get closer you start to look more at the ‘cons.’ It’s making me kind of anxious, but whatever, I’m going to have a great time and at the very least learn the language a bit so I can help the site out.

[quote:gzzhua6y]learn the language a bit so I can help the site out.[/quote:gzzhua6y]

Ehh! Are you really making that your priority? If I were you, I’ll set up as a goal to meet some really cute students in sailor uniform :D Or anything else related to Japanese girls :D

PS: btw, I LOVE ha~do gei :D

trust me, it’s definitely a priority, but i gotta be able to talk to them in order to pick them up :). And as a side note, I was reading some Americans in Japan forums and people knew a bunch of teachers(japanese not gaijins) who ended up marrying their students lol. They are my heroes, at least until I have a kid of my own :P