So I was just wondering if some of you are into J-doramas?
I love it and watch an episode everyday before I go to bed. Watched around 55 in total and I’m not planning to stop (Every dorama is on 8-12 episodes) :P

Especially older doramas are vey good. Those doramas aired between 1997-2004 are usually the best. Newer doramas are still good, but it’s as if you’ve seen it all before and they use all those JE boys too much in my opinion. An example could be Buzzer Beat staring Yamapi (JE Boy) - It’s about him being a basket star and falling in love with a violin playing girl.
Not extremely much originality. The best and most entertaining thing about the dorama was the theme song…

The acting in pretty much all doramas is just superb! It’s so superb that I actually do cry sometimes when there’s a sad scene (Can’t cry to american movies… they’re just too lame)

My favorite doramas are:

  1. GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)
  2. My Boss, My Hero
  3. Beach Boys
  4. Kekkon Dekinai Otoko (The Man Who Can’t Get Married)
  5. TRICK

Favorite actors:

  1. Sorimachi Takashi
  2. Nagase Tomoya (Yes, there’s actually 1 JE Boy I really like as an actor!)
  3. Abe Hiroshi
  4. Ichihara Hayato
  5. Takeuchi Yuko

You should check Shinzanmono, a new detective drama that started about a month ago on TBS starring Abe Hiroshi and Kuroki Meisa.

Sounds cool:)
Love detective doramas… Especially when It’s with Abe-san.

If anyone’s got some other recommendation or want some recommendation then just write it here:)
I will for sure do my best to find whatever you might be looking for cause more dorama fans can only be a good thing!

I like j-dramas!

To this day my favorite is still the original Gokusen (Gokusen 2 was not that great and Gokusen 3 was… :sleep: ). Yes, there are too many Johnny’s, but there are a few decent actors in the bunch. I hear Ninomiya Kazunari is supposed to be the best (he was in the film Letters from Iwo Jima) but I haven’t seen any dramas he’s been in. I think Nishikido Ryo is OK.

Other dramas I liked:
Joou no Kyoushitsu
1 Litre of tears (even though Sawajiri Erika turned out to be kind of bratty in real life, her performance here was pretty good and the drama is very medically accurate)
Seigi no Mikata

My favorite actors/actresses:
Nakama Yukie
Amami Yuki
Abe Hiroshi
Shida Mirai

Outlaws, I have also heard that the 90’s-early 2000’s are the “golden age” of dramas, but I haven’t seen too many. So if you have any suggestions abut those, let me know!

Mhh I’ve Watched Gokusen too… I didn’t like it very much at the time. But then again - it was one of the first doramas I watched and I didn’t know Nakama Yukie at all (Know her very well now… she’s a great actor).

Totally agree with you on 1 Litre of Tears. Sawajiri is a great actor, but I’m glad I didn’t know about her real life attitude when I watched the dorama… first found out about all that later.

Some Golden Age doramas… Of course those in my top 5 list :)

GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)
Download lLnk:

Beach Boys
Download Link:

Download Link:

And a last one that I also highly recommend

IWGP (Ikebukuro West Gate Park)
Download Link:

But it depends on what kinda genre you like… I also know some golden age romance doramas if that’s what you’re into.

About GTO is it as good as anime? love GTO watched it like 4 time already :)

[quote:21wu5plg][i:21wu5plg]Originally posted by ladyhope[/i:21wu5plg]
About GTO is it as good as anime? love GTO watched it like 4 time already :)[/quote:21wu5plg]

It’s better than the Anime! I promise you! :)
You know, the anime was made after the dorama and all the facial expressions Onizuka does in the anime is taken from Sorimachi Takashi who played onizuka in the dorama.

I’ve watched GTO 3 times and planning on watching it a 4th times soon… a “GTO SP” and a “GTO the movie” was also made after the dorama because of the huge success.

took your advice downloading it from the link you provided thanks,i hope it is good :)

Don’t worry… it’s good :)

By the way, the two lead actors - Onizuka Eikichi (Sorimachi Takashi) and Fuyutsuki Azusa (Matsushima Nanako) are married in real life. They meet under the filming of this dorama.

I started watching Trick. Detective Yabe plays the school principal in Gokusen! I see Nakama Yukie and Namase Katsuhisa have been foils to each other longer than I thought! I’m liking it so far.

[quote:1a3on1aw][i:1a3on1aw]Originally posted by ChiakiLOVE[/i:1a3on1aw]
I started watching Trick. Detective Yabe plays the school principal in Gokusen! I see Nakama Yukie and Namase Katsuhisa have been foils to each other longer than I thought! I’m liking it so far.[/quote:1a3on1aw]

Namase is an awesome actor. Super hilarious:)
And Nakama Yukie and Abe Hiroshi is so awesome together in TRICK.
Just so you know it - they’ve made 3 TRICK seasons, 2 movies and 1 SP.

same here. i make sure that i get my daily dose of jdorama before i go to sleep.

i am more into comedy jdorama, the first one i watched was Hanazakari Kimitachi e (or Hana Kimi), it was so funny, some scenes were really absurd that i feel like im watching anime. it was based on a manga, so any new jdoramas that are based on manga or anime i tend to watch them. I also like those with high school set-up.

here is the list of my fave jdoramas (in no particular order):

  1. Hana Kimi
  2. Mei-chan no Shitsuji
  3. Nobuta wo produce
  4. Zettai Kareshi
  5. Liar Game (i really love this, mind boggling, kind of reminds me if the mind battles between Light and L in death note)
  6. My boss my hero (Nagase Tomoya is sooo funny)
  7. Bloody Monday
  8. Dragon Zakura
  9. atashinchi no danshi
  10. bloody monday

Ongoing jdoramas that i’m watching this season are Tumbling and Yankee-kun to Megane-chan… :)

Oh, so you’re very much into the newer ones. Totally agree with you on Hana Kimi, Nobuta wo Produce and My Boss, My Hero - they’re super awesome.

On that list I’ve also seen Zettai Kareshi, Bloody Monday and Dragon Zakura, but they were more like… medium… 6 or 7 out of 10

Then what about a dorama like Rookies… seen that?. It’s in the Sport/Comedy/Drama genre and it’s from 2008.

I’m trying to remember the old ones that i have watched and all i can remember for now is GTO (series, specials/movies) and Gokusen (all 3 seasons and movie)… I like Nakama Yukie that’s why I started to watch Trick about 2 months ago but i stopped because of the recent jdoramas that caught my attention. I’ve watched her most recent one, Untouchable, she’s still pretty but you can notice that she has aged a little. :)

I’ve read that there’s a lot of good old jdoramas but I think some of the reasons i’m not much into them are the available/uploaded vids are not that clear, and the subs are not that good. For me, i rely heavily on the subs since i don’t understand japanese, and sometimes the subs don’t translate well the actual “mood” of the drama, if you get what i mean.

Anyway, I will try to watch Rookies, it is actually on my list but is on the “can wait” list. but since you recommended it, i’ll try to squeeze it up in the priority list! :) do you know any sites where i can watch the old jdoramas with good subtitles (aside from dramacrazy and mysoju)?

Arigato! :)

Well, I’d really recommend you to download the doramas and not watch them streaming. The quality will get so~ much better!

About the subs - I’d say that the subs on older doramas are almost as good as on the newer ones. The fansubbed are usually very good and of very high quality, but it’s not like the older ones are badly subbed. The older ones are usually subbed by some kind of company that takes money for it.

I don’t know any streaming sites, but I do know a couple of download sites.


I do know a few more, but you can find pretty much everything on these 2.

I’d also recommend you to watch:
Galileo - If you’re into Detective/mystery

Beautiful life - If you’re into romance - This is a pretty old dorama. I watched it mostly because of the high ratings it’s got and because of the theme song. Very good dorama.

[color=indigo:t6qn4bqn][FONT=comic sans ms]My fave was [i:t6qn4bqn]Sekai wo chuushin de, ai wo sakebu[/i:t6qn4bqn]. The acting, the photography and the plot is excellent… However, you may end up with a humongous depression because of its sadness and drama. But really, a must-see one.

[i:t6qn4bqn]GTO[/i:t6qn4bqn] was the first one I saw (well, the very first one was the Sailor Moon one, that we used to watch and laugh a lot when we were a bit drunk). What I like about doramas is that they are really catchy and you get hooked on them. As soon as you finish one episode, you really want to double click on the next one ASAP, especially in GTO. Gee, I thought I was the only one who finds the dorama better than the anime.

I found [i:t6qn4bqn]Atashinchi no danshi[/i:t6qn4bqn] completely by accident, and I really liked it because of the cuteness of Satoru and Masaru, and for the crazy plot.

Other one I really like is the classic [i:t6qn4bqn]Densha otoko[/i:t6qn4bqn], with his impossible romance and the geek universe on the chat. I also really liked the work of the main actor.

I was really excited with [i:t6qn4bqn]Buzzer Beat[/i:t6qn4bqn], but veoh played some dirty tricks on me and now I need to re-start it all over.

Now I’m with the chinese dorama of [i:t6qn4bqn]Prince of Tennis[/i:t6qn4bqn], and I really like it. However, it doesn’t have all those hooking moments at the end of the episodes u___u.

[i:t6qn4bqn]Gokusen [/i:t6qn4bqn]and [i:t6qn4bqn]Hana Kimi[/i:t6qn4bqn] are two classics I want to download and watch someday.

I also want to view a gakuen one of a guy with plenty of imagination who sometimes dream awake that he’s in the medieval sengoku era. I forgot the name u___u.[/FONT][/color:t6qn4bqn]

I’ve been thinking about watching [i:318gjzs9]Sekai wo chuushin de, ai wo sakebu[/i:318gjzs9] for a long time now. There’s just always another dorama that draws me a little more… Maybe I should get it watched now when you say it’s so good.
It might be a sad dorama but I don’t think it will surpass [i:318gjzs9]1 Litre of Tears[/i:318gjzs9].

Densha Otoko was actually the very first dorama I saw!
Found it on youtube somehow and liked it a lot, so I watched all episodes. The whole story behind it so interesting - and true too. The actual forum do exist. I found it on my old computer.

I’ve watched 1 Litre twice now and I cried my eyes out both times! But it was also very helpful to me. I watched it when I was studying neurology to help me learn about cerebellar disease. :D

kawaii_endo, are any of the current season dramas worth watching? I watched JIN and Liar Game 2 last season but I haven’t watched anything newer than that.

@chiakilove: i am enjoying the currently aired doramas, although the long wait for the subs is driving me insane LOL… but the 2 doramas ive mentioned in my earlier post is worth watching if you’re into comedy… :)

@outlaws: too bad i can’t download through torrent, i only use direct download… I’ve watched Galileo too! i like the actor playing the professor, he suits the character very well… anyway, i’ve started watching Rookies, the story is very much like Gokusen/GTO but there were so many LOL moments, i’m actually enjoying it. Thanks! :)

notice my Sig? Nobuta power rocks! :)