learn japanese : what "I" recommend you

[size=200:1pc798wc][i:1pc798wc][b:1pc798wc][u:1pc798wc]Wanna learn japanese ???[/u:1pc798wc][/b:1pc798wc][/i:1pc798wc][/size:1pc798wc]

you’ll need this :

__learning softwares : Power japanese + declan’s softwares
__video/audio lessons and books
__ vocabulary

[b:1pc798wc][u:1pc798wc]links [/u:1pc798wc][/b:1pc798wc]:

__power japanese : >http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/3422649/Power_Japanese_-_Learn_Japanese[/url:1pc798wc]
__Declan’s software : > [url=http://www.declan-software.com:1pc798wc]http://www.declan-software.com[/url:1pc798wc]
__ a torrent that contains everything you’ll need (video audio + books) :

__ perfect web site to learn vocabulary and Kanjis (and hiraganas/katakanas) :

power japanese and declan’s kanji software are good too , but this web site is the easiest way to learn vocabulary , coz it hav a good chapter/level organisation , and simple and helpful exercises !!

personnaly I’ve learned hiraganas and katakanas , but I can’t say any sentene coz I’m not fluid with japanese grammar yet … + I suck in kanjis and I don’t have time (I’m too lazy) :P

that last link is cool, its so fun~
though im kind of ignoring the kanji atm xD
thank you for the share!

oh, here’s two of my favorite links :)


If you go there, don’t live in Tokyo. Don’t live in a place where you can “get by” with English. I like the city life a lot, but many of the best experiences I had were living and spending time out in the boonies.

That said… my Japanese was alright, but Gaki is still hard. They speak fast, with a lot of slang and Kansai ben. The fun part is you can learn fun things to say from it. Only thing funnier than Matsumoto saying “Akaan!” is a wierd gaijin saying it.

I have never found a good site that explains me when to use ´Koko´and when to use ´Kono` (here). And also Soko, Sono. And Asoko Ano.

koko is used like we use “here”. it indicates location.
kono is used more like we use “this”, it indicates… indication! :P

soko “there”
sono “that”

watashi no neko ga doko de iimasu ka? - where is my cat?
aah! anata no neko wa koko desu! - ah! your cat is here!
kono neko ga chokuto menrokusai da ne. - this cat’s a little annoying, isn’t it.

I’m probably messing up my wa’s or ga’s, I’m really rusty.

for beginners, “kono _____ ga (or wa)” is a handy phrase to use till you get comfier hearing it in a conversation.

Never forget smart.fm

here is another awesome site that i have found.
this site adds the hiragana translation (was it furagana?) of the kanji.


Hey guys, right now I’m learning Japanese. I can speak a little conversational Japanese so far. My kanji isn’t very good at all though. How good do you need to be at understanding/reading japanese do you have to be to watch unsubed japanese videos?

it depends… if you want to understand an unsubbed video, then having the knowledge of a highschooler is fine, i guess. take a jlpt ([url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_Language_Proficiency_Test:2i3gi7ge]japanese language proficiency test[/url:2i3gi7ge]), but i don’t know where… it just says level 4 is the most basic.

note: oh, try [url=http://www.japaneseclass.jp:2i3gi7ge]this site[/url:2i3gi7ge] if you can at least get a “B score” on vocabulary and kanji, then your doing just fine.

Okay thanks!

Hi any suggestions from people who have learned or learning japanese as to what has been good learning for them, i tried using like a series of lessons for the ipod and they were rubbish. Dont have time to go a college or anything like that. Any suggestions of what they found helpful?

smart.fm and lang-8.com

get a nintendo ds and get the Doraemon game and the “My Japanese Coach”.

buy a notebook and ride like hell!!

Well, from the few college courses I’ve taken, I can tell you that it’s really not that different than learning it by yourself. You’ll have more time to work on one section, move onto another section, quiz yourself, etc.

However, I would recommend getting a microphone/webcam as soon as possible. A lot of people help with lessons on such websites like skype, livemocha.com, etc.

Some people recommend the Genki Japan books, some don’t. From what I’ve done, I use a variety of websites to help get the best of my learning.

  1. Livemocha.com, while their lessons may not help that much to some people, I found their profile system, and flashcard system a BIG help. You can pretty much get rid of using notebook+pencil if you have a laptop with you.

  2. Skype - You can easily get a ton of people to practice with you, correct your pronunciation, and even teach you a few lessons.

  3. Learn the basics. Hiragana and katakana take a week to master at most.

  4. It doesn’t hurt to have a flashed/modded Nintendo DS. There are a ton of Kanji practice games, and a lot of japanese games for younger kids in Japan, and once you get to that level, you can definitely play them.
    I for one have the Anpanman series, and the Doraemon game. My Japanese Coach is…also an okay game to use, but don’t rely soley on it. Use various sources for your learning.

Bottom line, you gotta speak the language, write the language, read the language, in order to learn the language.

Some people learn just by watching tv.
There are plenty of options on how to learn, but what’s best for you is unknown unless you try for yourself.

You can converse with Japanese people and people who are also learning the language. Its a great and fun way to ask each other questions, do quizzes and lots more.


Have fun!

i’ve helped some of my friends who took Japanese classes at their colleges and read a bunch of text books. The book called “GENKI” is very well written. You should get one if you are serious about learning Japanese.

thanks for all the replies ill definately be following up some of those suggestions. :D

I found a small Java-applet to practice hiragana / katakana.
It’s usefull for the first steps in writing japanese syllables.
Just download from my mediafire account - unzip and start sensai.html.

Maybe you have also to change your security setting (it’s a script :shifty:).

I started to learn japanese a few weeks ago and this helps me a lot learning hiragana and katakana


how do you find tutor’s that can teach you over Skype?

Hey guys!
So I fully understand how katakana works but I’m just wondering how hiragana works. If I were able to read it, would I be able to understand it in any way?