List of Subbed Batsu Games.

Evening all (well its evening in Aust :D)

Im trying to find out which batsu games have completed subs:
Ill show which ones I have that are completed, but if there are completed subs of the ones that I put down as ‘Incomplete’ could you let me know?.

[b:yzg71sjs]24 Hour Tag:[/b:yzg71sjs] Complete (For as much as Ive watched so far)
[b:yzg71sjs]Haunted Hotel:[/b:yzg71sjs] [i:yzg71sjs]Incomplete.[/i:yzg71sjs]
[b:yzg71sjs]High School:[/b:yzg71sjs] [i:yzg71sjs]Incomplete.[/i:yzg71sjs]
[b:yzg71sjs]Hospital:[/b:yzg71sjs] Completed.
[b:yzg71sjs]Onsen 1:[/b:yzg71sjs] Completed.
[b:yzg71sjs]Onsen 2:[/b:yzg71sjs] [i:yzg71sjs]Incomplete.[/i:yzg71sjs]
[b:yzg71sjs]Hotel Man:[/b:yzg71sjs] [i:yzg71sjs]Incomplete (For now ;) )[/i:yzg71sjs]
[b:yzg71sjs]Newspaper:[/b:yzg71sjs] Completed.
[b:yzg71sjs]Police:[/b:yzg71sjs] Completed.

I think thats it, thanks in advance.

From the vids I have, High School and Onsen 2 have completed subs :D

Really? Where did you get your vids from Indrid?
Are they dvd rip or youtube type vids?

I found them all on youtube.

Just write in the title then add “sub” next to it, it will show the videos and are subbed in english.

The high school ones are all subbed.

Onsen 2 is the No Laughing at Yagawara right?

They’re subbed too :D

Ooo haha ok, yeah im looking for the dvd rips with completed subs. :P


Oh okay then.

Its hard to get them when you’re in Australia like me.

I always buy mine from Japan online but then there’s no subs lol.

Wow, you both are from Australia? Really rare to find fans here down under.

Anyway I think I’ve seen nearly all the batsu games, except for some of the really rare ones from Matsumoto and Hamada’s early days of Downtown batsu games. The rare ones you probably can see in the “History of Batsu Games” segment which I think can be found on Youtube.

Well I’ll give you the subbed ones I have found so far (sorry for not providing you with the links so far, but will tell you where to find them)

-Gakitanic, can be found on Youtube
-Yamasaki’s Hitori Bocchino piano concert, was on Youtube before not sure whether it’s still there or not
-24 Hour Tag, most probably on Youtube
-Haunted Hotel, on Youtube but the person that was subbing the video was suspended, but I think its still on there somewhere cause people post it again
-No Reaction Pie Hell, Youtube
-No Laughing Hot Spring Inn, Youtube
-Hama-chan Vladiovostok Back Hand, Youtube or if you can’t find it search the user ViewSonic1981
-No Laughing Yugawara, Youtube
-No Laughing Highschool, Youtube
-No Laughing Police Staion, Youtube or Veoh courtesy of ShibataBread
-No Laughing Hospital, Youtube or Veog courtesty of ShibataBread
-No Laughing Newspaper, pretty sure its on Youtube somewhere

And that’s pretty much all the batsu related games I can remember of my head right now, except the newest one which is currently being subtitled by Shibatabread and Alex.

Have fun watching them all.

Haha, yeah most are found on youtube, thats where I usually go to watch Gaki. I watched nearly everything I could find so thats why I’m on here now to find more lol.

Some subbed videos of Gaki are quite rare because of the way its named on youtube. Eg. Some of them being named as numbers instead of words :S

Haha ryatwo, I have a few mates here that are also really in the Gaki.

This user group has been great, you can get dvd quality vids with softsubs. Im more of a picky fool when it comes to high quality vids, it makes things difficult (for me) coz I dont want to watch the low quality youtube vids :P haha

maybe I’ll work on no-laughing in Yuguwara

Thanks for the list!

[quote:3j5gmjsx][i:3j5gmjsx]Originally posted by ShadiHD[/i:3j5gmjsx]
maybe I’ll work on no-laughing in Yuguwara[/quote:3j5gmjsx]
That would be awesome. :clap:

Wow, I didn’t think i would see any Aussies here, im Aussie too, from Melbourne…

Sup all and non-aussies too…

I cant wait until Highschool is fully subbed, i got the full show from youtube, i downloaded them and converted them to WMA and then put them on my 1TG HDD that is plugged into my settop box and watch them on my tv, the quality is bad but watchable, you can really see how bad the quality is since im using a 50" full HD tv haha…

I just watched the News Agency episode from this site and the quality was awesome even on my 50" it was better than any dvd i have seen it was like a high definition version…


[quote:1t2se5ff][i:1t2se5ff]Originally posted by ShadiHD[/i:1t2se5ff]
maybe I’ll work on no-laughing in Yuguwara[/quote:1t2se5ff]

Yeah… I’ll be cheering you on… :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

[quote:13tiuo5p][i:13tiuo5p]Originally posted by Indrid[/i:13tiuo5p]

Onsen 2 is the No Laughing at Yagawara right?

They’re subbed too :D[/quote:13tiuo5p]

Was that the one with the darts? Loved that the subber (or original uploader) included the events leading up to the batsu. So we had a clue as to why the chosen ones are…chosen… ;)

No the one with the darts is the first onsen.
The second onsen is ony with Tanaka,Hamda andYamazaki.

one more aust. here hehe. Im looking for moar gaki no tsukai to download it. I feel like starting a collection

The Newspaper Batsu game is incomplete as well. It’s missing subs for a few scenes and it has a couple more that need some editing.