Matsumoto Solo batsu: Haunted hotel Complete

[b:2d5gq7fz][size=134:2d5gq7fz]WARNING: Only works with the right version. Scroll down for the download topic[/size:2d5gq7fz][/b:2d5gq7fz]

FINALY!! The full released, colored, timed, no-bit-missing version of the Haunted hotel batsu has come! Thanks to ShibataBread’s help i could fill in all the missing holes and translation errors. I also have redone the coloring to get a better look and feel when watching the show.

I will also be uploading this batsu to for the people who want to watch it online=D


Translation by: ShibataBread
Transcribed by: Slayeer
Subtitle Format: .ass
Timed to: Haunted Hotel 1 night, 2 days, Matsumoto Solo Batsu!

[b:2d5gq7fz]Completed version:[/b:2d5gq7fz]


[b:2d5gq7fz]The Right video version can be downloaded here:[/b:2d5gq7fz]

[quote:2d5gq7fz][url=]Matsumoto Haunted Hotel Batsu![/url:2d5gq7fz][/quote:2d5gq7fz]




Great Job Slayeer! :clap:

i cant download the .ass file

it says the file isnt available in megaupload, it was uploaded as a premium account on rapidshare and can only be downloaded 10 times and mediafire isnt available at all

ah it works in mediafire now

the .com in the link was missing

Thanks for the hint. The link is fixed now.

Nice work. Thanks you :D

Great work!! Thanks Slayeer (and ShibataBread)! :clap:
I’ll be waiting for the StageVu link. Thank you again!

  • Thanks for the tips
  • Rapidshare uploaded with an account

I will try to get it up Stagevu tomorrow, and i might even begin uploading all the batsu’s there. Its queit a nice site to watch the whole batsu with parts and it won’t get deleted:D(i hope :blink:)


This site is simply amazing, I HOPE IT BECOMES NO.! SITE OF ALL TIME!!

Thanks Slayer, Thanks Downtown Fansub people. <3!

Thank you Slayeer and Shibata. You guys rock, this is one of my all time favorite batsus. :D

Thanks to everyone involved in this. You guys are doing a great job.

There seem to be many problems with the site right now, I will have to wait until I can upload it again, sorry!

Update: The people at Stagevu had to order new storage servers which haven’t arrived yet. They ordered a new batch of servers from some other retailer.

YES! I have finaly uploaded this batsu to StagVU!


It will require you download Divx, but the quality is great!

PS: i will begin uploading all subbed batsu’s and part’s of my gaki collection ;)

hello, I was wondering if you could paste the direct link for the correct video version download, the links aren’t working for me which is kinda sad. :(


Slayeer, sir (or madam), thank the lord above for you and all the other subbers out here for letting people watch these utterly hilarious videos. and DAMN youtube for taking them off. which they are doing one by one i might add. i’m getting all i can now…lol. for next Christmas i want (would like) for the creators of the show/s to come out with english subtitled version of all the batsu games. then i would buy them outright. until then… wink wink

Just wanted to say THANKS for subbing this. I’ve been waiting for this for almost 10 years (no joke)!!!

[quote="Ingraman":3pamd4e6]Just wanted to say THANKS for subbing this. I’ve been waiting for this for almost 10 years (no joke)!!![/quote:3pamd4e6]

How’s that possible? :lol:

thanks for sharing