No Laughing in Spy Final Thoughts

What would rate GnT’s No Laughing in Spy on a scale from 1-5 1 the worst 5 the best.

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What did you guys think of No Laughing in Spy such as the effects, the building it looks like they built just for this show the special effects, etc.

Also please rate 1-5

I thought it was moderately funny but the spy effects (shooting, gadgets, building design) as well as the return of onigokko (which ini pointed out "Looks like Jordan got his wish") really helped the show out.

One of the best batsu games. Better than the Hotelman one. Excellent job.

Special thanks to Kazan for the streaming and to our dear translators on the GNT Chat ;)

My favorite part was probably Itao’s numerous appearances, along with the DVD drama and the Tag segment.

All in all a good batsu, but the whole production seemed more rushed than usual. Celebrities were only given brief appearances, and the drawer traps were dissapointing compared to earlier games. However, it’s not easy to make a good judgement until I can watch it with subs and understand the jokes etc.

Thanks to everyone to subbed live in the chat!

Was great!
Really like the doll (will be sold for 300000 yen?), DVDs, food choose, 1 hour tag, Itao changes for someone and all that was last year (Chono, big hole trap, opening drawers and more more)…

And of course thanks to Kazan for streaming, only few minutes was down. Good quality. Great job! :D

[quote="espen":1qfzgr3n]it’s not easy to make a good judgement until I can watch it with subs and understand the jokes etc.[/quote:1qfzgr3n]

Excellent, you’re right ;)

The doll was amazing, I bet it will value gold on eBay

My favorite part was with the Hamada Doll; I was crying laughing and also Itao as the Dog. :rofl:

Thought that it was a good one this year. The production seem to have spent some money this year in set design. Was also pleased to see the cast doing things and tasks, instead of spending most of the time sat at the desks, like last year.
really liked the Hamada doll as well, and Itao is a comical genius…

I thought that overall it was pretty good. Though I got to agree that it did feel rushed and I think it was mainly because they squeezed what seemed like at least 21-22 hours of gags, etc. into an 18 hour period. The one thing I was disappointed in were the desk gags except for Hamada’s doll, that was probably my favorite part especially when Matsumoto was making it fly and do backflips. My other favorite part were the cuts back to Matsumoto chilling in the room while the others were doing the onigokko.

Big thanks to the subbers that did the on the fly translations, you guys rock.

Anybody who saw it can tell me how they were punished when they laugh?

Didnt get to see more than a few hrs.
Its always good when your ab`s hurt after seeing it.
It was a nice way to end this year.

And :bow: to Kazan and GnT Subbers.

Happy New Year everyone. :bow:

[quote="darkloud":cv24zz3d]Anybody who saw it can tell me how they were punished when they laugh?[/quote:cv24zz3d]

They get punished kicked in the ass by marxist guerilleros lol

I can guarantee, that the building wasn’t build just for that =P (they never did it) I think it was actually some sort of school they rented or office. (because of the tag field)
Highlight was the Doll, since there was nothing else in the waiting room, besides 3 DVD’s but just 2 were used (which were fun but not as much than last year)
Sad moment… No Buttons, not even one.
Yama didnt showed his tea bag, neither they put him in a weird outfit.
Itao way better than last year.
Surprise heipo had no screen time, besides popping up in the tag game for a blink of a eye.
No messy outfits on Hamada or Yamazaki, all had perfect outfits.
Jimmy, what can i say? it was quite similar to the newspaper act. A small quick usually telephone and then a sort of politician interview. (not that great to be honest for me atleast)
The coffee drop on Matsumoto was unoriginal and boring. Was also unnecessary to put them in the bath.
Biggest surprise for me was actually, that Chiaki wasn’t there!!! (quite happy about it to be honest)

Overall Contain was lacking, effects were prolly the best year ever, some acts were way too long and they laughed like 20 times but just got 1 slap.

Could write more but ill end with, it was a decent Batsu Game, better than hotel kinda and a mix of old stuff. But too much regular things were missing.
I wouldn’t give it a 5. more like a 3 (at some parts maybe even a 4)

Woke up as early as 4 am for this year’s batsu game and it is quite a great experience, definitely worth the effort of getting up early for the show (although in the middle of hang over now).

The highlight of this year are quite a few, which includes the infamous Hamada action figure!!!, 1 Hr Oni Chase, pit hole, and the return of Chono and Deluxe. However towards the end, it felt that the show (esp. near end) is rushed due to the time limit, and not all the regular casts from previous shows appeared. Not all the traps were fully used, some of them are not even in the show. The haunted hour is kind of…weird and dull, but not as bad as the hotel series.

Thanks Kazan for the live stream and the fly subbers for their contribution. Juka can have some credit, after all his channel helped a bit during the down time, despite the fact dude loved his own laugh and robot voice…

GJ to Matsumoto for finally be able to get hit less

This year is probably going to really get talked down by the foreign crowd because there is way more Japanese old-school culture in this one:

Matsuko Deluxe as Dokaben was really funny, especially when Satonaka got blown up. The trouble is, even the most dedicated American anime freak knows nothing about Dokaben.

I’m about 1/3 through it now, and my wife and I are laughing non-stop. When Okada got shot, I couldn’t stop laughing. "NOKOTTA NOKOTTA ORE MO GEINOUKAI NI NOKORITAI WOW!" BANG BANG

It was also a big surprise to see Itsumokokokara do their "Kanashii toki" bit.

This year is really for the Japanese culture maniacs.

SIDENOTE: WTF? Haruka Ai is on Kouhaku?

I fell asleep after the 2nd DVD just in time to see Tanaka’s eyes bulge after getting called out by surprise at the end. (At least I think that happened.)

Did anyone else experience problems with the chat board? The full version jammed up on me and never came back up and the mini one stalled out so often that I eventually shut it off.


That being said, posting "STFU" over & over is nearly as distracting as folks breaking in to say "LOL" or remark the obvious like "Everybody Out!!!" or "GNT Member X Out!!!" when we don’t need translations for that…

Nobody has mentioned Jimmy or who got the Chono slap yet?

The tag game was my fav. and of course the Hamada doll. Nice to see some fresh ideas this year. Was worried they play to much to passed games.There was some parts that we have seen before but you know they would pop up at some point.

Poor Yamasaki! lol will he ever get out of beaning slap in the face. :rofl:

[quote="DDELFIERRO":10mdxsau]I fell asleep after the 2nd DVD just in time to see Tanaka’s eyes bulge after getting called out by surprise at the end. (At least I think that happened.)[/quote:10mdxsau]

They had a bunch of old guys playing baseball and an old guy whose name is Tanaka argued a call. This was quickly followed by the umpire saying "Tanaka, taijou (ejected), taikick." I just saw it and Tanaka’s eyes literally came out of his head when he heard Thai Kick.

The live translators were unable to translate Jimmy, so we have to wait for the Shibata crew’s translations for that.

The Chono part was really funny. Yamasaki seemed more terrified this year than previous batsus. I hope the Chono gag get’s a twist next year, or else it might become stale. I think it would be hard to top Yamasaki’s reaction this year in any case.

I’m pretty sure DVD #1 was the baseball one and #2 was mentioned as a take on some 80’s show? Bet #3 was a Jimmy one & they didn’t want to risk it.

It may be a general feeling, but with that topic they could do more related stuff.
Scary part was too short, and it took centuries until they made their first activity.

Jimmy was a bit dissapointing. In many parts, the whole crew was CLEAR. No laughs with Jimmy? Something’s wrong.

There were also very long segments, and they let them laugh as much as they want. I don’t want to see the whole piece interrupted at every second, but at least after each scene change or interlude, a round of buttslaps.

As I said during the broadcast, the Panda commercial was outstanding. Weird, funny and cute. I didn’t expect so many commercial cuts.

When the Kazan server was down, it was really annoying to follow the batsu in that channel with comments and that gnome voice saying constantly "wara-wara".

I also thought that the show was broadcasted at a different time than Kohaku to avoid competition.

It was my first online Batsu, a complete endurance test but a great experience. Thank you all, and special thanks to the simultaneous "subbers".