The Funniest Batsu Game Moment ??

What was your favorite and funniest moment that happened in a batsu game?

the one where they are newspaperman, Masahiro Chono slapped Yamasaki for injuring his kid, lol that was so funny, every time I watch it, I crack up XD

I think, for me. in the Hotel man videos. where they have to eat and compliment the chef without saying “delicious” and Matsumoto says “check out it’s dynamism” (of the prawn) for the second time and laughs at his own joke… that cracks me up always…

Mine would have to be when the nurse is examining the “Dead bodies”… too funny to see them suffer

I love the moment when matsumoto falls from the chair in the newspapper agency… i laugh everytime i see it xD

Viva Chile!

Anything that involves Jimmy Onishi. Trying to speak English is a classic. “Ten ten ten ten” etc. But when he playes a vet I was in hysterics as well. His reactions and his comedic style are just genius and I’m ever so sad that he decided to persue an art career when he could have stayed as a regular main Gaki crew member. Just imagine all the classic Jimmy moments we’ve missed out on… D=

The Star Wars bit from one of the spa batsu games gets me EVERY time. As soon as the main theme starts back up again Hamada gets that look of utter dread on his face and they always leave the door open so all the heat gets out. Classic moment for me. xD

Everytime Matsumoto bursts in laugher, I do exactly the same :clap:

The discussions with Hamada in Hospital Batsu were particularly hilarious… When they say to Tanaka that he’s gay, etc… :D

rmb when yamasaki had this kid ran into him, endo commented that he thought the father of the kid would come out, and he’ll happen to be chono and give yama chan a slap xPP
AND THAT REALLY CAME TRUE and endo was like totally shocked when that kid told chono he’s hurt xDDDDDDD
nice one endo!!!

My favorite moment is when they’re [color=red:2t5sh0zb][size=134:2t5sh0zb]imitating others important persons voices in the Police/ high school batus game[/size:2t5sh0zb][/color:2t5sh0zb], they’re so funny I just can’t watch it all without lmfao!
[size=134:2t5sh0zb][color=blue:2t5sh0zb]Damn this are great moments! just thinking about it make me laugh…[/color:2t5sh0zb][/size:2t5sh0zb] :D :D :D

My favorite moments are usually when they are left alone in the break room, and trying to get the other to laugh/telling stories/hunt for colored buttons

I haven’t seen them all, but so far ;

  1. Yamasaki taking the second egg (and then spitting it out) after the rock paper scissors contest (Hotel?)

  2. Matsumoto exploding desk and falling off his chair :blink:

  3. Everyone thinking Yamas cam was broken in the High School game and laughing on purpose…

  4. Everytime they see Chuono(?) enter the scene with his big right hand… :unsure:

  5. Everytime they stop and try and compose themselves by staring at each other … :lol:


Seeing as the one I wanted is gone (Matsumoto vs CO2 canister in newspaper agency batsu). I actually have to go with the only Thai Kick in the Hotel Batsu…the song was just waaaay too good. Thanks to Iwasaki Yoshimi for singing a parody of her own song!!

That and I suppose Matsumoto scarring Hamada in the 24 Hr Tag Batsu.

The desk Trap on Matsumoto with the co2 gas.
Not just because he took of from the chair, but because that whole thing made them laugh like 20-30min long, which was just cut shorter for tv.

the second one would be the in onsen 2. where they walk against that head twice.

But overall my favos are always the desk traps.

I have no idea which moment is the funniest, there are plenty of good parts:

1 Ten ten
2 When Tanaka and Heipo were suppose to take a picture@New paper. I can’t believe how scared Heipo is (or faking), but it really gets me.
3 Newspaper, in the bus. When he puts cotton wol up his nose and screams: Eh, eheh, EH, ENDO SAN, ENDO SAN! HAHA, the Chinese magicians are amazing! Oh kanche, slap
4 Highschool where 3 students are late and had to explain why they were late, but the last one (can’t remember his name) says his sister was sick and he had to take her to the hospital and he gets slapped. There was a similair thing at the police station. It’s just too hilarious, the boy is innocent and wants to help his sister who is sick, but gets slapped. The others had bad reasons not to show up.
5 Anything involving Sonny haha. Especially at the news papers, Yamasaki is just amazing! :clap:

Seriously, why are they so scared of a slap of Chou san?
None the less, I can’t believe how funny that was when Chou found out it was Yamasaki who hurt Ryo, it was the newspaper episode.

Mad Brothers from onsen 2, everything else is a distant second.

I cracked up when Matsumoto got the Triple Thai Kick in the Hospital. I enjoyed it just as much as Hamada did.

Endo laughing on purpose to test the camera
Tanaka beating Hamada at his own game by bouncing the ball at him.

Probably the one from newspaper batsu, where they’re eating lunch and Hamada tickles Matsumoto and he fell off his chair, priceless. :D