The Official 2010 Spy School Batsu Viewing Thread

[b:1tazlkpk][color=#FF0000:1tazlkpk][size=150:1tazlkpk]Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende - No Laughing Spy School[/size:1tazlkpk] [/color:1tazlkpk][/b:1tazlkpk]


The show will be aired on NihonTV (and other regional stations), on New Year’s Eve, 31st of December,
from 06:30 pm to 00:30 (JST)

In GMT the scheduling will hence be: from 09:30 am to 03:30 pm

You can convert from GMT to your own local time zone here:

[b:1tazlkpk][u:1tazlkpk]How can I watch the batsu game?[/u:1tazlkpk][/b:1tazlkpk]

Some people may think about KeyHoleTV, but the software got NihonTV password-protected last year, so it won’t be a solution.

Keep in mind that broadcasting the show through the internet is in fact illegal so getting the working links may take time.

We will be watching on (or other live-streaming site). Some generous people will take their time to stream it on the net and give us the link. [b:1tazlkpk]Please stay tuned and come back regularly to this page to see if we got the link.[/b:1tazlkpk] It will most probably be available on the night of the 30th, or early on the 31st (just like last year).

[b:1tazlkpk][size=150:1tazlkpk][color=#FF8000:1tazlkpk][u:1tazlkpk]Links:[/u:1tazlkpk][/color:1tazlkpk][/size:1tazlkpk][/b:1tazlkpk] <- it works <- this is even better

[b:1tazlkpk][u:1tazlkpk]Is it subbed? I don’t understand Japanese![/u:1tazlkpk][/b:1tazlkpk]

While watching the batsu game, we recommend you to keep the chatroom page open. Why? Because some generous members said they will do a "fly translation" for us live. (Once again, just like [i:1tazlkpk]Randomiser[/i:1tazlkpk] did last year). The streaming may also get problems, so we would be able to give you new fresh working links quickly using the chat.

[color=#FF0000:1tazlkpk][b:1tazlkpk][size=150:1tazlkpk]The link to the chat:[/size:1tazlkpk][/b:1tazlkpk][/color:1tazlkpk]

[b:1tazlkpk][u:1tazlkpk]When will I be able to get the full HD video file? I can’t watch it live for X reason![/u:1tazlkpk][/b:1tazlkpk]

The video file will most likely be available on the 2nd of January. It will be probably in 2 parts, in .mp4 format and in torrent.
You’ll have to wait a bit more to get the direct download links.

[b:1tazlkpk][u:1tazlkpk]When will it be subbed?[/u:1tazlkpk][/b:1tazlkpk]

Say thanks to Shibata’s team!


[b:1tazlkpk]ShibataBread:[/b:1tazlkpk] One of the leader in subbing. Having a long history in subbing together with his wife, he his veteran in the world of delivering translations. Shibata will have a leading role in this project. His translation and subbing skills will be a real driving force in this project.
[b:1tazlkpk]Mrs. ShibataBread:[/b:1tazlkpk] As mentioned above, she is the wife of Shibata himself. She is like a wife should be and helps him with the translations all around (This doesn’t mean he has to ask her nicely :devil:). She will be a final editor in this project and putting everyone’s work together.
[b:1tazlkpk]Zurui:[/b:1tazlkpk] The new man in town! This guy has put his stemple on subbing in a really short time. He is delevering one sub after another and has a really great blog where everyone can find his work. Zurui will focus on both Translating and Type-setting.
[b:1tazlkpk]Dere-kun:[/b:1tazlkpk] Also a new man in town, though most people will not know him very well. He is an exchange student who self-thought himself the art of the Japanese language. Though he hasn’t got a big history of subbing, his self-earned skills and motivation are enough to welcome him as a full fledged member of our team!
[b:1tazlkpk]Alex:[/b:1tazlkpk] He will be focusing on Type-setting and coloring in this project.

If you want to get updates on the progress of the subbing work, here is their page: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1996

Do not forget to check this page later on to get the links.

As the chat may get crowded while the batsu is on, you can post here if you have problems with the streaming or any other issue, we’ll be glad to help.

If you have any question, please ask.

can’t wait for the final video with subs …thanks for all your hard work who will work on this project :D

so ur going to a live stream?

[quote="yeyo03":1rhgnbfb]so ur going to a live stream?[/quote:1rhgnbfb]

Like last years Batsu a kind soul streamed it live on but I’m sure a couple of days later a torrent / ddl will be available (without subs of course) if that’s how you choose to watch it. As mentioned above by Kanzaki as it’s airing there might be an on-the-fly translation in the chatroom so watching it live might have that added benefit…plus it makes it extra fun experiencing it with a bunch of like minded people…I had fun anyway.

I’m having problems with the chat.

It keeps loading and loading when I start it then it says "click to chat" and when I click it loads again and says "Unable to connect, please try again in a few minutes" …on all browsers …It worked very well last year :yawn:

I’m not having any trouble in firefox, have you tried the direct page? maybe that’ll help.

[quote="pariah":24negdeo]I’m not having any trouble in firefox, have you tried the direct page? maybe that’ll help.[/quote:24negdeo]

same problem with all browser using the direct page :worried:

how about reinstalling java browser add-on?

[quote="pariah":3hbcsnao]how about reinstalling java browser add-on?[/quote:3hbcsnao]

I upgraded it and reinstalled it and still nothin … :sweat: 2day left! hilfe !

[quote="||—PEGO—||":3tyyee6f][quote="pariah":3tyyee6f]how about reinstalling java browser add-on?[/quote:3tyyee6f]

I upgraded it and reinstalled it and still nothin … :sweat: 2day left! hilfe ![/quote:3tyyee6f]

Install the latest Firefox update?

just noticed it isn’t java it’s flash…update / reinstall / install flash?

[quote="pariah":2zz9o4zf]just noticed it isn’t java it’s flash…update / reinstall / install flash?[/quote:2zz9o4zf]

I’ve tried that also … doesn’t work :x same message, also rebooted my pc … :sweat:

what’s exactly happening? can you take a screenshot?


thanks for helpin

Hmm do you have any ad blocking software installed? is your firewall blocking flash apps?

or maybe you’ve changed some flash settings? ... ger02.html

have a look in there to see if anything is set to deny.

also here’s the French link if that helps ... ger02.html

apart from this, I’m out of ideas.


you can take that link out from the broadcaster cant even speak or understand Japanese. He is broadcasting all the old stuff with subs, of shibata and other subbers.
He has not even access to NTV

btw it is 2010 not 2011 batsu =P Hotel was 2009

Can’t wait! Big thanks to all y’all putting the work in for this! :bow:

Gunna be watching it on TV. :clap: I could contribute to translations on the fly if anyone likes… but I plan on having my own "Don’t laugh" batsu drinking game while watching… so you probably won’t want my drunken shenanigans on chat by halfway through haha. :D

Either way though, itll be an epic 6 hours :D I hope everyone can find a way to watch this on the night and wish Shibata and Co. good luck on their work!

Pego… Get firefox.