Tosochu ( Run For Money)


I really love watching this show but it is hard to find I have seen some of them but I like to see the newer show also does anyone know where I can find them?

Thank You

Have you tried searching after it on japanese?

Edit: Can’t show kanji… forgot that…
Here’s a link to youtube where I’ve searched after it [url:3jfit5pj][/url:3jfit5pj]

This person as a couple of shows uploaded to there channel.


I only watched the show for the first time today on Keyhole by chance and loved it!

Watch out for the hunters!!! :?:


– 15.10.2010, 18:47 –

The account for the link i posted about is gone :(

Chiaki was in one of the episodes.

This show is tough to find!

I have most the episodes but would like to get them easier. I spend hrs looking for them LOL The next ep is being filmed this month I think. October 20th then the next is on the 3rd of November? I may be wrong LOL

Poor guy’s youtube channel is gone now.

I did find a host that had the latest one but just checked and he has took off all his videos :(

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Look what i just found :D !

RFM Yokohama Chinese Town on Veoh!

These two are set in samurai towns.


another one ... 76FHch6C9k

Two shows hosted by this person. Good quality

No videos available from that guy.

[quote="insanepipe":3pt5edmr]No videos available from that guy.[/quote:3pt5edmr] Don’t know whats going on with that guy, Keeps uploading them then taking them down. keep checking see if they come back up.

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Same site, Found the mother load!! [url:3pt5edmr][/url:3pt5edmr] 8)

another name of this game:[quote:1ir8t0ub]chronos[/quote:1ir8t0ub] [code:1ir8t0ub]クロノス[/code:1ir8t0ub]

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with yamasaki :D

Great find with Yamasaki! Wondered if any of the Gaki crew had done it. Chiaki is in this one [url:2j917097][/url:2j917097]

Yamasaki has been in it, so has Endo, but don’t ask me to remember when that was.

yamasaki again

I have found the Yamasaki Run For Money Ep in full.



Set in the Meiji era. Which was the end of the days of the Samurai, And the rebirth of Japan. ( Like in the Last Samurai )

Not watch it all yet but looks good.

– 19.12.2010, 18:03 – And older one, Set in the Samurai town. Only 60min Enjoy! Also at the end there's a bomb defusing mission in an abandon Hospital. With Yamasaki! :rock: Is is different to one i think has been posted before.

– 31.12.2010, 20:23 –

Found a new Chronos one. Enjoy!

– 12.01.2011, 19:59 –

Found an another one with Yamasaki. … 3622018783

Still looking for the one with Endo in it.

thanks for the find…
really enjoy watching that show…
and im always amazed fo how fast the, let me call them Agents, can run… ^^

hey guys found a site where we can download tosochu dvd (1-5)


i already download the 2nd dvd if you want i can upload the iso on megaupload or somewhere else.

btw. can someone download the other dvd files and upload it to for example megaupload i would very appreciate it

100% brand new Episode with Yamasaki! [url:1r5wl2ls][/url:1r5wl2ls] :D

Thank you all for the help