What is your favorite batsu game thus far?

Out of all the batsu games since the no laughing hot springs one in 2003, which batsu game has made you laugh the most?

I like the Hospital 2007 the most, I like when they all join in and try to make each other laugh, looking forward to 2009!

It’s tie between High school and Hospital ones with Police right behind by me. Newspapers aren’t bad, though, as well as the other batsu games. But I believe that if the first two batsu games (hot springs and Yuguwara) were redone, they might mix with the chart a little. :-)

I’m going to have to agree with the Hospital Batsu game being the best. For me, the police one was the second.

I just loved in the police batsu the funeral scene when heipo opens up the coffin and you find that his eyes are open! lol, when I first saw that part I was laughing my ass off. And near the end when they were trying to get some sleep and you keep hearing “shoe hei hei!”

I loved the Hospital Batsu :D
But the Newspaper Agency is very funny too…

My favourite is the 24-TAG xD
Just the face of Hamada looking like a Chimp… priceless!

Hospital, closely followed by High School. Although I love em all.

[quote:1mlk2hc2][i:1mlk2hc2]Originally posted by oglocgeeks[/i:1mlk2hc2]
Although I love em all.[/quote:1mlk2hc2]
That for sure! :)

Cant wait to see the new one!

Highschool - it was the first I saw, pointed to it by Jimmy Oonishi’s english lesson.

I also like the short batsus at the end of some competitions, e.g. Tanaka’s ride through town wearing a bra.

Tie between Hospital and Newspaper Agency. The Highschool Batsu Game is funny too but it’s not the best .

I think the Newspaper one is their best one so far, and Hospital is second.

Mine would be the Hospital one. The next to closest one would be the High School one :)

  1. Hospital
  2. Yugawara (Onsen 2)
  3. Newspaper
  4. Onsen 1
  5. High School
  6. Police

All of them are great :D

For me:

  1. Hospital
  2. High School
  3. Police
  4. Onsen 1 & 2 (Tie)

It has to be either the Onsen Batsu game with Hamada, Yamazaki and Tanaka or the High School Batsu game as it was the first Batsu game I ever watched!

I thought newspaper was funny but the hospital batsu game was hilarious.

I guys i’m so happy to found this fan forum :]

  1. high school: because hilarious and allowed me to discover gaki no tsukai. More exactly english lesson with jimmy :D
  2. hospital
  3. police
  4. 24 hour tag
  5. onsen 2
  6. onsen 1
    unrate) newspaper because i’ve not yet finished to watch it because until today i looked on youtube… the quality was so bad so hard to read subs and videos all time removed…
    also never seen police subs ;(
    But i found the heaven here :D

[quote:2o7z5ler][i:2o7z5ler]Originally posted by Akiner[/i:2o7z5ler]
I guys i’m so happy to found this fan forum :]
But i found the heaven here :D[/quote:2o7z5ler]
Exactly what i thought some days ago :)

Anyways, the “Matsumoto Haunted Hotel” is also under my Top 3.
Just the scary girl at the toilet scaring matsumoto and the others makes it unique :D

my favorite: Police and Newspaper :D
like the police bcoz they just like to destroy each other :D also the sadist doctor in this series is the SADISTEST of all batsu game :stuck_out_tongue:
newspaper bcos it’s the newest one b4 this year’s :p.

Something I never understood is why Matsumoto got scared the second and third time after going back to the bathroom? The first time was completely understandable, but why get scared when you know what’s there? I would have just closed my eyes OR ducked out of sight if I had to go that badly, lol.

So after some thinking, I put my favorites into a list but it was hard, as really all of the batsu games are great:

  1. Highschool/Hospital
  2. Police
  3. Onsen 1
  4. Newspaper
  5. Onsen 2

I wonder where this latest one where rank on our lists?

  1. Police
  2. Newspaper Agency
  3. Hotel Man! (This will probs stay or even go higher once subs are up :D!)

Police solely for the impersonations scene, that was just too much XDD!