What will it be the new Batsu Game 2014?

This is to not go "out of topic" in the [b:1x8hvvty]Batsu 2013/2014 Preparations - Recruiting Part Time Members[/b:1x8hvvty].
I want to know your ideas for the new Batsu Game 2014.

I will like to see the members in a Haunted House, like Matsumoto do once. It will be awesome see the gang scares the hell out of them :rofl: :rofl: and Heipo too :rofl: :rofl:

Anyway, what do you think?? What is you idea for this year Batsu Game??

Same. :rock:
Haunted hostel again, or haunted hospital, or haunted psychatric hospital :devil: .

The Matsumoto’s bastu game is my favorite, and having a 4 hours long haunted batsu game with five members would be awesome. :inlove:

Wow wow wow…Haunted Hospital sounds great!!! Dude, you have great ideas!! :devil: :devil:

How about Army Base Batsu

That could be awesome too (actually, one of my favorite is the 24 Tag Onigoko) but let’s face it. They are just too old for something like that :(

Radio Station Batsu is doable too

Yeah yeah, radio station could be really fun too. I just think that they need to change the "Don’t be afraid" segment because is too repetitive by now and is not fun anymore. Is always the same and i hope they change that this year. Will be in this post the winning idea? :rofl:

Am I the only one here who waiting for something about food…? :?:

Mmmmm…that’s a good idea too. I wasn’t thinking about that. In Lincoln they made a few Restaurant episodes and they were hilarius :rofl: :rofl:

As I’ve been saying for over two years (and in the Preparations thread, sorry :whew:) now; on a boat.
Or anything that is somehow "confined", so they have to come up with creative ways.

I’m still missing the last ~hour of last year’s batsu game, but overall I liked the new ideas and departure from the formulaic previous two batsus.

Last year, there was a rumor about the firemen ! So it’s the batsu I want to see ! :D

I like the "confined" thing. When Hama-chan and Matsumoto stay alone in a room they come up with great stuff!! :rofl: :rofl: They can be like this [url:38jjkb2g]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7yfISlGLNU[/url:38jjkb2g] :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: But i remember a Lincoln episode when Matchan go in a boat and he feel dizzy. So maybe is too difficult for him :confused:

Firemen is great [b:38jjkb2g]angelpick[/b:38jjkb2g]!!! Is such a great idea with a lot of potencial. I like to see that :rofl: :rofl:

[quote="angelpick":3kolceyo]Last year, there was a rumor about the firemen ! So it’s the batsu I want to see ! :D[/quote:3kolceyo]
EVERY YEAR it’s going to be Firemen. Some year they might be right XD.

For myself, once again I gotta go with the Army / Self Defense Forces. There’s a lot to do there and it may appeal to a bigger audience :P

The last couple of years they said that it will be "Firemen" :D :D But the army can be good. Like Murakami did once


On the other thread I made a post about the train station idea that some in Japan suggest:


I think with the amount of people that pass through a train station (especially in Japan) it’d be pretty open to lots of different happenings. I also saw a documentary on one of the busiest rail stations in Japan and it was pretty intense (with employees basically living at the station in those pod beds). :o

I think it’d be good to switch up the scare segment too. I’d like one where they each individually have to go out, like in the High School one, but each with a different challenge, like the Newspaper Batsu. Usually Tsukitei + One or both of Cocorico go out then Downtown go together to find them, then all 5 do the last bit. I like some of their interactions but maybe they should mix it up this year.

I like the aspect they’ve added with Gaki members getting kidnapped, but I think they could do more than just sitting them infront of a boring show with a few dry ice blasts… Maybe setup some kind of Saw-like aspect where the other cast members have to get through challenges to rescue the kidnapped Gaki member(s) from a painful batsu in time? :devil: I’ve never actually watched the Saw movies, so I just mean the idea of a creepy controller laying down a sinister path for them to traverse and there being more at stake.

The part at the end where they end up running from a mob with explosions was good as a surprise the first time, now it’s just "well here it is again"… :yawn: I think perhaps once they’ve got them all together in one place at the end they could expand upon what they did last batsu with locking them in a room and having stuff happen. Though hopefully more than just a half-naked man wriggling about (I think they try too hard to make dud scares sometimes…).

Totally agree about the scare segment. I mean, the have great ideas for others shows like Lincoln (Midnight Radio Horror was perfect) and also in the Gaki show, a variety of things, and i hope that this year they change some traditional segments like the explosion that you say, or maybe the bus segment, i don’t know. I’m not saying that i don’t want to see that things again, but maybe they can change a little :clap: :clap:

And about the train station, can be really cool too. One time, Kachou Arino from Gamecenter CX do a special program about the train stations in Japan and was pretty funny and interesting too :clap: :clap:

Yea the bus segment is my least favourite, the scary one is good only because of Tanaka. The best is the one when they open their desks. Oh and the best batsu games are those when Hamada or Matsumoto arent in the game but controll the game :devil:

I really like it when the humour comes from the interactions between members, like when they’re eating food or doing random challenges like the haikus they had to do for their bentou boxes. Basically anything that can create moments where gaki members are trying to make each other laugh are the golden moments in these batsu games for me. :clap:
I do like the idea of a full haunted theme though. As long as its not filled with random celebrity acts that aren’t really that scary

Yeah, good old Tanaka falling down the floor :rofl: :rofl: For me, the highlights are when they are scare (and the most amazing part was in the Newspapper with Tanaka and Heipo :rofl: ) But like [b:2q51hu5i]TAMinator[/b:2q51hu5i] says, not filled with random celebrity acts, but trully fear :devil:

The part i hate most is when they do the Black List thing, with the other Geinins. Usually skip that part

I said it last year but a zoo or a prison would be great settings.