Who else is in love with FF13?

This game rocks! The character models are spectacular. and the hair! wow they did a good job.

I totally agree with you, it is just one of the most beautiful games that i’ve never played !
My favorite character is Sazh :)

yeah its awesome. i will say this tho for old school fans… “SPOILER ALERT, NOT STORY-WISE, JUST GAMEPLAY-WISE” …

You may not like that you only control one character the whole time as opposed to 3 or 4 like in past FF’s. also, you have no control of who is in your party. FF13 chooses who you will be in your party throughout the game. and lastly, the beginning, and by beginning i mean first 15 to 20 hours, is nowhere near “explorative” (thats not a word i know) as previous FF’s. you cant just run around huge lands or areas at the beginning, its pretty much laid out for you like the connect the dots booklets for kids. it’s quite limited at the beginning. other than that, the game is still superp in MY opinion. the battle system is super fast and very enjoyable i think. learning to use and time the Paradign shifts is very important as you’ll see after you die a few times. but it’s definitely a great game… and of course, there are no CG cutscenes that will ever come close on any game to Final Fantasy XIII. at least for now. that is until PS4 comes out :D

you can tailor your parties after about chapter 9.

I’m in Chapter 4 and I’m really liking it… was slow to start out but the battle system has started to come into it’s own and has become a challenge. The story seems to be pretty cool too… but so far everything is extremely linear and reminds me of FFX with a more complex/smoother version of the FFXII battle system.

Excellent game… and it actually runs smooth on the 360, no frame rate problems like I’ve had at times with Lost Oddessy and Star Ocean 4.

… i don’t think i like this game that much.

i think i’ll stop playing final fantasy games for a while, and maybe hit up dragon quest.

i believe its around chapter 9 or 10 but its right before you get to control who’s in ur party, you have to fight so many freaking enemies its not even funny. you can bypass some of them of course, but i like to take each one down and build up experience. good thing there’s alot of save points on this one. I can honestly say i’ve never died so much in any videogame period which is pretty cool being that this is an RPG.

Sigh My ass needs to get a PS3, but I want to wait till it gets properly hacked. Maybe in December I’ll finally buy one and get to play FF13.


[i:1oyvq2k5]I love Chiaki[/i:1oyvq2k5]

[quote:1oyvq2k5]This game rocks! The character models are spectacular. and the hair! wow they did a good job. [/quote:1oyvq2k5]

i just noticed that the last part of that makes you sound like a gay cosmetologist. i know ur not… but it just sounded funny :D

so im about 65hrs into this game. man, the design of Oprhans Cradle is freaking amazing. AMAZING! ok, i just needed to say that…

so i beat the game exactly a month ago but forgot to post. The gameplay I really enjoyed. It was super fast, and really made you think about your strategy. You had to be fast and know what you were doing, cause if not, you just die. Even on normal enemies. And me personally I really liked the story, cause even though yeah, in the end like in any FF game, it was up to them to save the world or worlds, but it wasn’t obvious thru most of the game, you’re the enemy to everyone, both bad and good guys. And even enemies to eachother which setup for some pretty good dramatic scenes. And again, being that it was the 1st FF on PS3. there was some amazing scenery, AMAZING. And of course, the cutscenes and detail are unmatched by any game, but that’s just normal for FF series. But yeah, ending was definitely very short for an FF game. One thing that I did absolutely hate about the ending was that stupid song!!! I can’t believe Square chose to use a song like that for the Americas…… I really wish they would’ve stuck the original Japanese soundtrack. I mean seriously, it was hard for me to pay attention to what was going on once that song started. I was so thrown off by it. Why did they do that??? Why would they that to us!!!

And actually one thing this game had that I actually appreciated and think every RPG or any game with a legit story should have were datalogs. Since RPGs are so long and many times confusing, the datalogs were pretty much like an encyclopedia or appendix of everything, anybody, or anything that happened in the game as you progressed through it which you could read from your menu. Wow I sound nerdy. But yeah… i liked it.

I played a little after i beat it to finish more side missions, but they are just a bit too spread out for my liking. tons of walking around and since i don’t like to resort to strategy guides. i decided i would just leave it there.

But I thought it was a GREAT game. Had some FANTASTIC moments. And im sad its over.

I’m totally loving the game and I loooove Final Fantasy with my whole heart. Honestly though getting to choose your party soo late in the game is a little bit of a bore :'[ I miss the older Final Fantasies where you would find your entire party almost right after the epilogue. That is my only complaint about this game but everything else is just amazing on a 1080p tv :P

I was really excited about this game because all the reviews I read seemed to make it out to be a spiritual successor to FFX, which is my absolute most favourite game of all time.

The only things I ended up liking in FFXIII was the awesome battle system and a some characters, especially Hope.

you liked hope? really? i think almost everyone i know over here hated Hope. I didn’t hate him, but i really wasn’t a fan of him cause he cried to much. he served as awesome synergist and medic tho =)

He was definitely the cry baby of the group, but what I loved about his character was that it brought out the tender side of Lightning and he actually grew with her as the story went on. Most of the characters sort of stayed the same throughout the story but those immediately effected by Hope moved onwards and flourished.

And yeah, he made a great spell caster. xD

i love thee game i completed it yesteday and now im looking att all the stuff i got with it ( collectors edition ) pretty cool ! , cant wait till versus though

If I ever get a PS3 I will get this game! Love all the FF games!

Unlike FF8 or 9, I dont see myself playing FF13 again…I think i just like the older RPGs…13 was a little too different for me :(

i heart lightning :lol:

yeah, she could my girlfriend too. she’s one bad mother!